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Making changes to your website can be heavy, expensive and often the results are not as expected and the conversion rate does not increase as predicted.

Many marketing managers are daily faced with this dilemma. They must increase the conversion rate but the resources they have are often very limited, since most of their budget is used to increase traffic.

That said, we would like to emphasize that there is no magic formula that increases your conversion rate. The practices that may be effective for a digital business may not result in others. However, our experience has taught us that there are certain patterns that applied in their fair measure tend to improve the usability and conversion rate of a website.

The keys that we will detail below can help to improve the conversion of your web page, however they will never be substitutes of an A / B test, rather they are complementary practices that you can apply in the tests to verify that they effectively increase your conversion. Without further ado, we started:

  1. Reduce the fields of the forms

Delete unnecessary form fields. Do not try to simplify your work by adding additional fields to be filled by your clients.

Ask yourself: Do you really need your company name, zip code, password reconfirmation, etc …?

 2. Use colors that contrast with the website for call-to-action (CTA) buttons

There are many marketing specialists who assure that there are certain colors for CTAs that convert better than others. The answer is simple: it depends. Mainly the background color of the web page. The color of the CTA should be visualized more clearly and highlighted within the web.

A fact as simple as the change of color of a CTA can increase in a more than remarkable way the conversion of a digital business.

3. Get rid of the image sliders.

You may think they look great, but almost all conversion experts suggest that you eliminate sliders, since they have been shown to reduce conversions.

The reason is that image carousels do not allow users to explore the website at their own pace.

4. Stop using high quality photos with models.

There is nothing good in them except their quality. They look false and reduce the credibility of your website. Remember that the purpose of a website is not to be beautiful, but to achieve certain objectives.

People like to deal with humans. Therefore, try to use real people on your website instead of pictures of anonymous people or even models. Naturalness is on the rise.

5. Perform test on the text of the call to action button

Instead of saying something like, send or subscribe, use the text of your CTA to tell your visitors what to expect in the next step after clicking on that button. An example would be the “Create account” against “Create account, start!” In this case we are anticipating the potential customer that begins to use us.

6. Place your CTA in the upper half of the page

Users start reading a website at the top right of the page, this explains the fact that the CTAs located in the upper half of the page improve the conversion.

7. Includes a video

Show your product in action, make an instructional video if you offer something complicated. There are many ways to use videos to improve the conversion rates of websites.

Make sure you use a 2-3 minute video and not long videos. Nobody has time to watch long videos.

8. Make sure you put a clear title

The title is usually one of the most notable things on a landing page and drafting it well can greatly increase your website’s conversions.

9. Create urgency

It offers a limited time incentive. Make sure you give your potential customers a reason why they should bother to complete the call to action right now. An example could be to make a limited offer over time

10. Show your phone number in big size

In general, it is best to add your number in the header of your home page so that visitors to your site do not skip it. This adds credibility and also assures people that it is easily accessible if they have any problems or concerns during the purchase process.

11. Change CTA links by buttons

Text links are often lost with the rest of the text, making it difficult to locate them on the page. Do yourself a favor and change them into huge buttons that stand out.

12. Use the magic word “FREE”

The word “FREE” has increased the conversion rate of many websites. Give it a try, if you have not already done so.

13. Add value to your offer

As long as the perceived value of your offer is not greater than the one your customers ask you for, you will not be able to convert them.

An excellent way to increase the perceived value of your offer is to add benefits in the description of the offer. Empathize with your customers and answer the question “What am I taking with this?”

14. Add opinions from real customers

When we refer to customer opinions we do not mean this:

“I love your web page! Your shoes are great! ~ Pedro, Madrid.

There are thousands of websites that show opinions of fake clients like the one above. Anyone can write them and show them. Your testimonies should have full names and photos to accompany them.

The best opinions are those that do the sales for you saying what is unique about your product and emphasizing the benefits of your offer.

15. Show your awards and certifications

Show your prizes close to the CTA, as what we call persuasive assets can help improve the conversion of your website.

16. Show your value proposition

What distinguishes you from your competitors? What gives you an advantage over them? Think about it and use it to optimize your conversion efforts.

The conversion experts swear on the importance of having a good value proposition for all your marketing channels, and not only for your website.

17. Add security seals

Security seals are quite expensive, but they reduce anxiety among consumers and assure them that the details of their credit card are insured.

18. Add a chat to interact with your customers

Live chats serve to advise and personalize the shopping experience. Answering the concerns of your potential clients in real time can help improve your conversion.

19. Use relevant images

The images on your website have a purpose, that is, to drive your visitors towards the conversion goal. If you are using them only to break the monotony of the text, you are not using them well.

20. Offers the lowest price guarantee

People want to be sure they are not scammed. Assure them that you are giving them the best price in the market. If possible, show them a comparison of your prices with the prices of your competitors.

In conclusion and as you have been able to observe the described methods to increase the conversion are reduced to a greater relevance, improving clarity, reducing distractions and anxiety. When you are clear about what you should apply to your digital assets, you will have good hypotheses to start your A/B tests.

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