6 factors that affect the conversion rate

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There are six common factors in each improvements established in a website to improve the conversion rate.

1) Value proposal

The value proposal, that is to say, what your site offers to its visitors, is the base to optimizing the conversion rate. If they see that benefits of your product or service outweigh their costs, then they will convert!

If you have a solid value proposition but you have problems in communicating it, then you have the perfect starting point for your website optimization. However, if your value proposition is weak, it will be difficult to improve the conversion rate, even with a perfect website. If the product is not good, then you will have to redefine it.

With a strongly communicated value proposition, you can begin to optimize the following factors:

2) Relevance

Relevance, which means that visitors to your site should find what they are looking for easily. When people access your site in search of something specific, they quickly explore the site looking for keywords, so you should consider the best way to display them.

For example, if they found your site while searching for fountain pen ink, it should be easy to find the section on the page where you sell ink.

3) Clarity

Clarity is about communicating what you want to say. This is simple: simply make your content easy to understand.

4) Anxiety

Anxiety is the hesitation that potential customers have before converting. A good way to fight it is to establish credibility so that your visitors will feel safe.

5) Distraction

Reducing distraction means removing elements from your site, such as animations or large images, that could steal the attention of your main message.

6) Urgency

Finally, the urgency makes visitors feel that they must convert right now. In some way to create urgency is to make offers for a limited time.

What should I do now?

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