Advantages of being the first one: why is it imperative to focus on CRO now

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“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”. Chinese proverb

In previous article, we presented “The CRO dominance “, and why the conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the most important activity to your business. Here we explain why it is imperative to start from now.

The advantages of being first of working the CRO.

If you increase your conversion rate, your income increases to a larger extent than your expenses and therefore you have a positive impact on the income statement.

As long as you have a greater profit per visitor than your competitors, you will have a slight economic advantage over them. The greater the difference the more you will continue positioning yourself as a leader. This gap becomes a pit that strengthens your company against competition attacks .

If your competitors are not focusing on CRO, they will do so soon, because the market will be increasingly competitive.

Every day you are going ahead, you have an unfair advantage: the wind blows in your favor. Every day that get a step behing, you have an unfair disadvantage and you are swimming against the current.

The difference depends on how soon you start it and how fast you move.

What about if your business would depends on organic traffic?

If your business depends on the organic traffic of search engines or social networks, you will get the following additional benefits:

  1. As the CRO allows you to advertise profitably in different media, your business will be much safer. You will no longer have such a high dependency on organic traffic and you will not be so vulnerable to changes in the search engine algorithm.
  2. CRO will make your website focus on customers, so it will promote customer loyalty by increasing their lifetime spending. Additionally, other websites will be more likely to link with yours.

Learning CRO is a great career choice.

The best career strategy is (1) Have the ability to create more value. CRO allows you to do it, and then (2) Prove that it has done it. The A/B tests allow you to do it.

As such, CRO is a fantastic career option. There is a high lack of professionals who have demonstrable experience in growing businesses. Surprisingly, the CVs of most people do not have quantifiable evidence that they have ever created value. Thanks to CRO, many clients, followers and team members have incredible success stories on their resumes.

Also, if you are like us, you will find it infinitely exciting.

What should I do now?

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