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A professional services company, with a historical uptake of word of mouth that saw its sales fall year after year, managed to increase its sales by 5% in the first year and 20% in the second year. It had to pause advertising efforts because of the need to consolidate the newly acquired accounts.


What did we do?


Situation and challenge




Our role, what we did



1. Situation and challenge

The company had a totally outdated website, without any kind of positioning, it had many social networks open but none active and meaningful, and there was no established internal procedure when it came to generating new content.

Sales were falling year on year, despite the fact that the sector as a whole was in the process of general growth. Direct competitors were gaining market share through better positioning.

The company’s leadership was firm and knew it had to do something about it to change the situation, so it put itself in our hands.

2. Objectives

The objective was clear and simple: to increase turnover by capturing leads within the digital ecosystem.

3. Our role, what we did

The first step was to change the website to a CMS such as WordPress that was search engine friendly, establish the necessary 301 redirections so as not to lose the positioning obtained, this modification was carried out in September 2018.

The second step was to humanise the agency’s digital presence, with photos of the entire team and leveraging the CEO’s personal brand.

A procedure was established to generate content on a weekly basis, in order to attract the attention of our target audience. The format was mainly that of creating videos, opening a channel of Youtube and keeping publications up to date.

We create a database of all customers and segment it in order to establish valuable communications to each of the segments. We create segments for individuals, companies and the self-employed.

We also set up automations every time a new contact subscribed to the lists or a new customer signed up, either to provide them with relevant information or to welcome them and give them an initial introduction to the team, contact points and so on. The example below is an example of a welcome email to all customers who are self-employed.

Of course, a keyword study was carried out when creating new content and a video blog was opened within the website to start positioning valuable content and improve search engine positioning.

A data visualisation dashboard was set up to see the evolution of traffic, lead generation, etc…

In addition, the way of contacting clients was modified, Whatsapp was established as the main means of communication, which greatly streamlined the procedures with clients and gave a much more modern point of view to the professional office.

Paid campaigns were launched, both in search, bidding on transactional and local keywords, as well as advertising the videos on YouTube. The total budget was 1,000 euros per month on average, depending on the time of year.

4. Results

  • First year sales increase of 5%.

  • Sales increase in the second year by 20%.

  • Automation of lead acquisition thanks to digital positioning.

  • Increase in the number of indexed keywords from around 200 to more than 2000.

  • Increased traffic to the website by more than 1000%.

Evolution of keyword indexing

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