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chatbots para empresas

Guide to chatbots for business

If you haven’t integrated chatbots into your digital marketing strategy yet, you’re a little late. At least 40% of companies with more than 500 employees have integrated chatbots or will do so this year.

Tendencias Digitales 2019

Digital trends for 2019

In this podcast we explain the most significant digital trends that in our view are standing out and gaining traction in 2019.

contratar una agencia de marketing digital

What to ask when hiring a digital marketing agency

In this post you will see what we recommend to ask when hiring a digital marketing agency. It includes some of the best and worst questions our clients have asked us to understand the efficiency of our digital agency.

incrementar ventas B2B

How to increase B2B sales

We all know that selling to other companies is difficult, and it is almost impossible to achieve the desired results if you don’t see B2B sales for what it really is: a high-risk game that requires a unique approach compared to direct-to-consumer or B2C sales. If you work it right, B2B sales have the potential to be extremely lucrative and rewarding.

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