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chatbots para empresas

Guide to chatbots for business

If you haven’t integrated chatbots into your digital marketing strategy yet, you’re a little late. At least 40% of companies with more than 500 employees have integrated chatbots or will do so this year.


5 Advice on Promoting Growth on Digital Channels within Your Organisation

Getting into a state of sustained growth is not easy; if it were, every company would do it. To succeed, you will have to break many of the rules you have been taught in business school that are designed to minimise risk. In fact, to achieve your growth objectives in the face of uncertainty and change, you must follow a new set of rules. This is why adopting growth-friendly strategies and practices is much easier in early-stage startups than in large or medium-sized companies that are well established in their sectors.

Tendencias Digitales 2019

Digital trends for 2019

In this podcast we explain the most significant digital trends that in our view are standing out and gaining traction in 2019.

marketing digital para restaurantes

Digital Marketing for Restaurants: Gastro Marketing

95% of customers use their mobile phones to search for, visit and book a table in restaurants. And they are increasingly using it to issue opinions for other customers, which is what we know as digital reputation. Improved communication, social networks, the permanent use of mobile phones to make decisions or plan leisure time, and the adoption of the internet as the main means of contracting makes the online presence of your restaurant essential.

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