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We help you enhance the profitability of your digital business by improving the conversion rate of your site. An effective conversion rate optimisation (CRO) strategy will help you convert a higher percentage of your visitors into customers, regardless of the campaign or traffic source that brought them to your website.

conversion rate optimisation

What is CRO?

CRO (conversion rate optimisation) is selling more without increasing the investment in traffic acquisition. It is a methodology of continuous improvement, with the aim of getting the most out of your traffic, implementing the learnings gained through A/B testing and improvement hypotheses.

CRO allows you to identify your position in the market, compare your performance with your competitors and learn from successful (and unsuccessful) tactics to improve your own campaigns.

A higher conversion rate results in a better ROI from every traffic source and campaign. Benefit every aspect of digital marketing by increasing the value of every user on your website.

At we specialise in analysing the users’ interactions in the web to develop ideas on how to increase conversion rates through various tests and changes.

Improvements are permanent, so the value of each change lasts long after testing is complete.

Even if you choose to develop a new website, you’ll get feedback from every test we run. That helps to build a knowledge repository of best practices so that your new website doesn’t start from scratch and performs efficiently.

What are the benefits of CRO?

What is not CRO?

we plan actions

Our methods

The objective is to learn what works and what does not. Then, we use this to optimize the performance of your business through real insights from your users.

In short, CRO is a methodology to improve the business in general. CRO consulting interacts with different aspects of the business and aligns it with your conversion goals. It is not about investing more to sell more but achieving maximum profitability from all sales channels.

Phase 1


Analytical Audit and objectives

We identify the important KPIs

We identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) to effectively measure the profitability of your business and establish parameters that determine the success of each metric, visually monitoring it later.

Phase 2

We discover your usability problems

A heuristic evaluation (or analysis) is a process used to discover usability problems in any website or app. One or more experts work on the digital assessment to find problems that need to be fixed and prioritise them on an optimisation roadmap.

Phase 3


RoadMap of hypotheses
to be tested

We prioritise the most efficient improvements

We collect all the insights from the heuristic analysis and prioritise them by impact and difficulty of implementation. This way, we first propose the tests that have the greatest potential for optimisation without investing in large developments.

Phase 4

checklist test

Tests implementation
and measurement

We test hypotheses with your users

We develop two or more versions of the same element that we will launch (for example, a blue CTA button and a yellow one), and then we use the metrics of each variation to evaluate which one works best.

We implement A/B and multivariate tests to validate the most relevant hypotheses based on data from your website visitors.

Phase 5

data analysis

Implementation of learnings and optimisations

We implement the winners

Once we have validated each test’s winning variants, we can measure and understand what happens in your niche. Finally, we define the improvements that you must implement to increase the conversion rate of your digital asset.

Phase 6

Iteration and
back to the start

We rethink based on new learnings

The insights and learnings that we get from the tests often make us question various parts of the conversion funnel. These can be located within your own digital platform or in other channels such as Paid media or email marketing automation. That is why the CRO is understood as an iterative process of continuous improvement.


Some of our tools to optimise your conversion rate

Our Toolbox

Each CRO campaign consists of an ongoing hypothesis report, testing and analysis with conclusions and recommended changes.

We use industry-leading tools to collect and visualise data in order to make accurate and effective decisions. The following tools are used in the creation of the hypothesis report, testing and analysis.

CROnuts herramientas


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