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If you want to start learning about blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, here are the cryptocurrency forums that we consult daily to stay up to date and learn everything related to the crypto ecosystem. We go through through Youtube, Telegram and Discord channels.


1. Couin Bureau

It is one of the most informative and didactic channels that exist today on the internet. The quality of the content uploaded is undeniable, informing about new trends and projects related to the blockchain ecosystem. We highlight this channel as the number one, since it is not intended to be an investment channel, but rather a channel that supports the ecosystem and reports news about it. That said, the length of the videos can be a bit long. Gay, the Youtuber who is the face on the channel, can be funny with his British accent, but at the same time can be tiresome. You can subscribe to the channel through the following link.

2. Sheldon Evans

The main characteristic of this channel is that it’s represented by Sheldon Evans, a South African entrepreneur who is famous for having invested in the blockchain ecosystem in its most early stages, when he even managed to become a multimillionaire. His channel typically gives long-term investment view on different protocols and crypto projects. You can subscribe to the channel through the following link.

3. Healthy Pockets

This is one of the Spanish-speaking channels that provides a higher quality content. Here’s why: Hugo, the Youtuber is dedicated to keeping his audience informed about the evolution of his investment portfolio; He also discusses investment strategies and the launch of new projects. You can access the channel through the following link.

4. Alexander Lorenzo

The American, Alexander Lorenzo, is an eccentric Youtuber that talks about the start of new projects together with a group of experts that give him support in technical analysis and others. He defines himself as the hardest working Youtuber, broadcasting his long working days. Access his channel through the following link.

5. Altcoin daily

This channel focuses on explaining the crypto ecosystem, focusing on all cryptocurrencies and protocols beyond the Bitcoin. In this channel you will find the explanation of emerging protocols. Access his channel through the following link.

6. Garyvee

While Garivee’s channel typically reports on marketing and business strategies, recently there is a relevant mention of the emergence of the NFT world, following the launch of VeeFriends. A community of NFT holders powered by VaynerMedia in which VeeFriends NFT holders are given access to exclusive and personalized experiences. Access their channel through the following link.


1. ICO Analytics

This Telegram group includes announcements related to the launch of new projectsincluding Venture Capitals (VC) funding rounds, launch of new projects in Centralized Exchanges IEOs, and even the launch of new events within the crypto ecosystem. If you want more information you can join the channel through the following link.

2. Metaverse NFTs News

This channel includes alerts regarding the appearance of news from the Metaverse and NFTs. The best part is that it always includes the information feed from the Telegram group. You can join the channel at the following link.

3. Airdrops

As you may know an Airdrop is when cryptocurrencies are given in exchange for the provision of a service. For example, sharing certain content related to a new project in social networks. Attention, there is a large number of projects with low potential that Airdrops offer. This means that providing a service even if it is something as quick as sharing certain content on social networks can result in nothing. We recommend doing some analysis before providing any kind of service. To join the Telegram group you can access the following link.

4. LunarCrush Announcements

LunarCrush is a website that measures market sentiment in relation to cryptocurrency projects. This sentiment is measured through user interaction with profiles on different social networks and mentions on digital channels. The Telegram channel includes daily notifications regarding the projects with the highest social engagement for that particular day. Join the channel through the following link.

5. Coin Bureau Insider

6. Bitcoin Industry

This is one of the Telegram channels with the most followers where crypto industry news is published with the most agility. The number of followers 501k. Join the channel though the following link.

7. Crypto Miami

Latest news about Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain including new ICOs, IDOs, STOs, IFOs, IEOs. The number of followers is 500k. Join the channel at the following link.

8. Crypto Mountains

Crypto Mountains is a Telegram channel that informs about new trends within the world of cryptocurrencies. NFTs, Metaverse and ICOs IDOs, STOs, IFOs, IEOs… The number of followers is 376k. Join the channel at the following link.

9. Crypto VIP Signal

Provides trading signals and technical assistance as well as investment suggestions from a team of technical analysis experts. The number of followers is 317k. Join the channel through the following link.

10. Crypto Retro

Like some of the other channels we have mentioned, this one is characterized by announcing new significant events within the blockchain ecosystem. The number of followers is 238k. Join the channel at the following link.


1. r/CryptoCurrency

Starting on Reddit, r/CryptoCurrency has found the same success on Discord. As one of the largest crypto communities on the platform, there are sub-channels available for all aspects of crypto; buying and selling NFT, DEFI or decentralized finance, mining, altcoins and whale transactions are all covered here. Below we provide you with the link to access the community. Please note that you must access it from your mobile device or have the Discord app on your computer.

Join r/CryptoCurrency on Discord

2. Cryptohub

This is one of the best Discord channels for beginners looking to enter the world cryptocurrency. Cryptohub specializes in guiding beginners in the right direction. The group also guides you through other useful cryptocurrencies and gives advice about which exchange platforms to use. Below is the link. Please note that you must access it from your mobile device.

Join Cryptohub on Discord

3. Larva Labs

Larva Labs was the first server on Discord dedicated to non-fungible tokens (NFT). Since its launch in 2017, under the name CryptoPunks, Larva Labs has become the go-to place for people looking to keep up with the latest trends in NFT.

Join Larva Labs on Discord.

4. Cracking Crypto

Anyone who wants to understand how cryptocurrencies work would be interested in Cracking Crypto. There are several sub-channels dedicated to explaining different aspects of cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology. The group also has several channels dedicated to trading.

Join Cracking Crypto on Discord

5. The AXION Crypto-Community

Axion is a fast-growing Discord channel that thinks of its members more as a family than as customers. The group is particularly popular for providing trading signals that are normally paid for in other communities, along with entry and exit points on particular trades. There is also guidance on how to execute trades and investments. Below is the link for you to access the community. Please note that you must access from your mobile device or have the Discord app on your computer.

Join AXION Crypto-Community on Discord

6. Spacestation

While it originally started as an Ethereum-based community where ETH miners would gather to discuss solutions to their problems, now almost all cryptocurrency aspects of are discussed on Spacestation. Sub-channels have been created for miners, developers, famous crypto personalities and other cryptocurrency related topics.

Join Spacestation on Discord

7. MEGA Pump – Cryptocurrency Investment Group

This is by far one of the largest Discord channels dedicated to trading signal alerts, with over 82,000 members. Mega Pump became popular for its daily “Bomb Signals” channels, created to allow traders to find cryptos with great returns.

There are also sub-channels dedicated to discussing new events within the crypto ecosystem.

Join MEGA Pump – Cryptocurrency investment group on Discord.

8. r/Wallstreetbets

In early 2021, GameStop and its investors gained fame for stopping Wall Street investors in their tracks, and it was all thanks to this group. Wallstreetbets is now the largest cryptocurrency-related server on Discord, with over 570 000 members.

There are many sub-channels dedicated to discussing cryptocurrency trends, markets and how to attract retail funds and shock hedge fund short sellers.

Join r/Wallstreetbets on Discord

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