Information associated with the call for grants from the KIT DIGITAL program from the European funds "Next Generation EU" within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

Information associated with the call for grants from the KIT DIGITAL program from the European funds "Next Generation EU" within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

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Our digitization services for SMEs

Our digitization services for SMEs

Categoria 1

Web site and Internet presence


Audit of the current website

We perform an in-depth analysis of your website through heat maps and session recordings. We identify the areas that are causing problems to users and propose solutions to achieve your business goals.

Applicable: SEGMENT 1,2 and 3

1.500-2.000 €


Corporate website design

We design and develop custom WordPress websites. We do not use only the basic functions of this CMS or templates. We work with a system that allows us to adapt it to the particular needs of each project without giving up the custom design. With our system you can modify texts, have a blog, sell products, and modify everything in a very simple way.

Applicable: SEGMENT 1,2 and 3

3.000-6.000 €


Ecommerce web design

We design and program all your online catalogs to measure, using a dynamic installation of WordPress 100% custom. This allows us to create a scalable system where the web catalog can be managed in a very easy way by the client for its corresponding sale of products.

Applicable: SEGMENT 1,2 and 3

4.000-6.000 €


CRO Conversion optimization

We help improve the profitability of your digital business by improving the conversion of your website and your conversion funnel. An effective conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy will help you convert a higher percentage of your visitors into customers, regardless of the campaign or traffic source that brought them to your website.

Applicable: SEGMENT 1,2 and 3

2.000-3.000 €

Category 2


Category 3

Social Media Management


Paid campaigns

We can act as a social media advertising agency running paid advertising campaigns on platforms such as Google facebook instagram or tik tok,. We will also review your overall business objectives and your marketing strategy to determine the best methods to contact and interact with your target audience, whether it is B2B or B2C.

Applicable: SEGMENT 1,2 and 3

500-1.200 €/month


Positioning and Management of social networks

We identify in which social networks your audience is, we develop the optimal strategy for your brand, defining both the segmentation of users you intend to reach, as well as the content that this audience expects to receive from you. We generate the content and act as community manager.

Applicable: SEGMENT 1,2 and 3

500-1.200 €


Social selling

We define and train your sales team with the objective of attracting more customers through linkedin.

Applicable: SEGMENT 1,2 and 3

1.500 €


CRM Implementation

At CROnuts we are experts in working with widespread CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Hubspot. To give our clients the guarantee of the quality of our services, we have a team with the official certification of the software.

Applicable: SEGMENT 1,2 and 3

2.000-3.000 €

Category 4

Customer management

Category 5

Business Intelligence and Analytics


Definition of Control Panel

We help you analyze large amounts of information, define objectives and make business decisions based on real data. We start by defining your business objective. We identify your audience for either the CEO or Marketing Director. Finally we define the metrics or KPIs to visualize.

Applicable: SEGMENT 1,2 and 3

500-1000 €/month


We implement dashboards or reports in real time.

We implemented a custom google data studio capable of aggregating different data sources, whether web traffic or sales data.

Applicable: SEGMENT 1,2 and 3

500-1000 €


Implementation and management at Holded

We perform an initial consultancy and parameterization that fits your needs. We implement and train the team to finally make a production start-up.

Applicable: SEGMENT 1,2 and 3

1000 -2000 €


Agile Training

We specialize in the training of task tracking software such as Monday and Trello.

Applicable: SEGMENT 1,2 and 3

500 €

Category 6

Process management

Do you want to win new customers through digital channels?


We touch the necessary levers within the digital ecosystem to achieve your business objectives.

We are your digital partner


We can collaborate with you leading and executing all the tasks of the digital marketing department or help you to complement and reinforce any area you need. Below, you will see the process we use every time we start a digital partner project.


We do an immersion and study your business model.

In order to obtain results, it is vital to carry out an initial audit to determine where the company is and, depending on the results, we decide where to allocate more resources to achieve the best return. In this phase, we work with you to obtain as much information as possible about your business.


We activate the channels with the best return

Whether it’s the web, social networks, search engine optimization… We focus on those channels that by the nature of your business have greater visibility on your potential customer.


The web is where conversions take place

We create from 0 or optimize your website taking into account the principles of user experience UX and making it responsive for all types of media (desktop and mobile). In addition, we carry out a study of your web metrics such as SEO to get traffic and conversions.


Definition of KPIs and customized dashboards

We define actions to allocate resources taking into account the data that users leave us when interacting with digital assets, such as the web or social networks. We listen to what the market tells us and adapt our strategy accordingly.


Initiatives to get the most out of your investment

Obtaining new users entails a substantial investment in digital channels, however getting current customers to repeat or increase the average ticket can be cheaper and faster. We rely on our analysis and study the data to carry out specific actions to optimize your business.


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Several ways to collaborate

Because every business has different needs, we have plans designed to suit all types of customers. Whether you need a collaborator to lead the entire marketing department or to reinforce some specific areas, the team is at your disposal.

Digital Partner

Fixed rate

Growing Together

Variable as a function of sales attributed to the digital channel

Do you need
a digital consultant?

Achieve everything you set out to achieve through the digital channel

Our credentials
Are your experiences.

CRONUTS.DIGITAL has led the digital transformation process of our company. Now the sales department has stopped cold door prospecting, moving on to working quality leads that enter through our website. The number of business opportunities has increased by 90% in one year.
Nuri Rovi Packaging
Nuri Luis Roca
Commercial director Rovi Packaging
We have managed to increase sales by 90% annually thanks to the Internet. CRONUTS.DIGITAL has become a strategic ally for our company.
Carlos Castellote
CEO Fixit
Thanks to CRONUTS.DIGITAL's online positioning, we have achieved a 40% annual increase in sales.
dan paris
Dan París
Commercial Director Carbonell Fama
After years of stagnation, we have finally managed to increase our turnover by 10% thanks to our presence in digital channels and the CRONUTS.DIGITAL team.
Pep Luis
Josep Luis
General Director Gestoría Luis
We have increased sales by 120% year-on-year, exceeding our expectations, thanks to improved acquisition in digital channels.
cristian rodicio
Cristian Rodicio
CEO BMF Business School
In our first year, we have exceeded the sales objectives set out in our business plan by 30%. CRONUTS.DIGITAL has been a key part of this increase. They have helped us validate our business model and market our services from scratch.
enrique zanón
Enrique Zanón
Managing Partner Xaloc Oposiciones


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