Digital Marketing Terms Glossary

glosario terminos digitales
CRO? Inbound Marketing? Leads? Conversion funnel? Those of us who work in the digital environment know that many acronyms and anglicisms are commonly used to define concepts of the digital ecosystem. This article is a glossary of digital terms with a compilation of some of the most common and used terms in the internet business, with a brief explanation of each one, but keep in mind that there are many more.

Below we present our Glossary of Digital Marketing Terms with the main concepts we use in our daily lives. Whether we work with our clients, make presentations or even in our blog publications.

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Digital Marketing Terms Glossary

With the A

A/B Testing

It is a marketing test method that consists of developing and launching two versions of the same element and measuring which one works best. It is a test that helps us to optimize an email marketing strategy or improve the effectiveness of a landing page or banner.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence displayed by machines, and refers to applications that not only apply specific rules set by programmers through algorithms, but also are capable of modifying those rules according to their own experience when used successively by people, thus improving their result and final application.


Universal accessibility or accessibility is the degree to which all people can use an object, visit a place or access a service, regardless of their technical, cognitive or physical abilities.


Organization that prepares startups to grow quickly by developing their business and helps them to seek investment with training, resources, contacts, mentoring, etc. Acceleration programs also include some funding and are usually convened by “cohorts” or groups of startups. In exchange for their help, they keep a percentage of shares in the accelerated company.

Ad Blocker

It is one of the extensions of Google Chrome that serves to block banners, ads and advertising when you browse the Internet. 4 Ad impression An ad sent to a user’s browser. An ad impression is a file, or a file or combination of files, sent to a user as a result of the user’s request to the ad server.

Ad server

Management software of an advertising campaign (from the programming of the ads to the online statistical follow-up). This management is carried out independently from the pages. The advertising server allows the dynamic insertion of ads (banners, buttons or other advertising formulas) in spaces provided for this purpose on web pages. It also offers possibilities to address a target audience. System that sends the advertisement to the user. Advertising servers or ad servers can be hosted and managed by a third party or by the media owner. Normally, these servers count and report on the advertising sent, as well as provide the content.


Commercial communication aimed at a client or potential client of an advertiser. In the Internet advertising environment, the most common ad is the banner, despite the fact that new formats were launched in 2001 and February 2003. In general, ads are graphic images of a designated pixel size and limited byte size, and are usually animations in


Complement that allows the user to increase the functionalities of an application. ADS These are the acronyms of the word “Advertising” which means publicity. Most social networks include this section allowing brands to advertise themselves. In the case of Facebook “Facebook Ads”, in Twitter “Twitter Ads”.

Adserver Ad server.

A set of hardware and software to broadcast or serve ads within the advertising spaces of different websites.


He’s a prescriber for our brand.

Affiliate marketing

Agreement between two sites in which one of them (the affiliate) agrees to display content or an advertisement with the aim of directing traffic to another site. In return, the affiliate receives a percentage of the sales or other compensation generated by that traffic. The virtual bookstore created the first large-scale affiliate program, which has been followed by hundreds of companies ever since.


It is a branch of online marketing that is based on achieving results. Affiliates are in charge of advertising advertisers by publishing their ads, reaching their own audiences.


Methodologies to obtain better results based on achieving high performance multidisciplinary teams, very focused on having quick feedback on the final product being developed, very customer oriented, and with a process that reflects regularly on how to improve, iterating to combine simplicity with the technical excellence of the solution.


Information Architecture: is the discipline in charge of the study, analysis, organization, arrangement and structuring of information, and the selection and presentation of data in interactive and non-interactive information systems.


Term that comes from the acronym of Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. It is a web development technique for creating interactive web applications. Organic Scope It is a percentage or numerical data that evaluates the impact and the number of people who have seen a publication in a natural way, without any kind of promotion or paid advertising.

Viral Scope

It is a unit of measurement that calculates the number of people who have seen a publication through other contacts. It measures the evolution and impact of a publication in any type of format.


An algorithm is a structured definition of the set of instructions used to execute a task or solve a problem. It is intended to be understood by a computer. For example, search engines use algorithms to display search results in a certain order.

Multivariate analysis

Simultaneous test of more than 2 or more variables.


The amount of digital information (measured in bits) that can travel through a physical medium (coaxial cable, twisted pair, fiber optics, etc.) at a given time. The higher the bandwidth, the faster the information will be obtained. Bandwidth in English.


An anchor  is the text used as a link, to be able to link from another web page, to that page, within the same one, in a concrete point and not above in the beginning.


Linux kernel-based operating system, designed primarily for mobile devices with touch screens, such as smart phones or tablets, but also for smart clocks, televisions and cars. Initially developed by Android INC, a company that Google financially supported and later bought, in 2005.

ANI (Automatic Number Identification)

It is a feature of telecommunication networks that allows you to obtain the telephone number for billing purposes. 7 Anti-aliasing A technique used by image editing software to smooth out elements created in raster format.


It comes from the English concept “Application Programming Interface”; we can understand it as the key that allows the connection between several different platforms, connect them together and use them for a specific purpose that we need to carry out.

Mobile application (app)

Computer application designed to run on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. It can be paid or free. They are downloaded from various application stores, such as Google Play, Aptoide, App Store, SlideMe, Windows Phone Store, MoboMarket, BlackBerry World, Amazon Appstore and F-Droid.

APP Store

It is the digital distribution platform for applications in iOS, developed and maintained by Apple Inc. The service allows the user to search and download applications that were developed using iOS SDK.


Abbreviation for Advanced Research Projects Administration Network, the computer network system from which the Internet was born. ARPANET began in 1969 as an experiment by the U.S. Department of Defense testing packet-based communication networks. From this research, the embryo of what is now the Internet emerged.

ARPU or Average Revenue Per User

Average Login Per User.

Information Architecture

Discipline in charge of the study, analysis, organization, arrangement and structuring of the elements that make up a website or an application and their relationship with each other.

ASO (App Store Optimization)

Processes and methodology to optimize a mobile application so that it appears as the first in the search results within the application stores. It looks like SEO, but it’s not the same. It takes into account both on-metadata aspects (name, description, keywords, icons, screenshots, updates and category) and off-metadata aspects (downloads, uninstallations, ratings, comments, inbound links, download speed, brand trust and date of creation).

Content auditing

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the content a company has published on the Internet. It serves to determine the volume and complexity of the same as well as to help determine our content strategy.


An avatar is a graphic representation, usually human, that is associated with a user for identification purposes. Avatars can be photographs or artistic drawings.

With the B


Acronym for the concept “Business to Business” or business activity in which the final customers are companies and not consumers.


Acronym for “Business to Consumer” business activity in which the final customers are consumers.


Qualification, badge or prize that an application or social network awards to users when they achieve some kind of goal or objective. In most cases, it is part of a gambling process in which a game is proposed among users, as in the case of Foursquare.


Advertising unit that uses creatives and hyperlinks. The most widely used standards are those of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and MMA.


Application that provides a structured format to organize and maintain information that can be easily retrieved from other applications. Behavioral Segmentation.

Big Data

Treatment and storage of large amounts of data, with the aim of analysing them and finding repetitive patterns.


A bit is a binary digit. It is the minimum unit of information storage whose value can be 0 or 1 (false or true respectively). There are 8 bits in a byte.


A bitmap image, raster image, or pixel image is a structure or data file that represents a rectangular grid of pixels or color dots, called a matrix, which can be displayed on a monitor, paper, or other display device.


A blog, is a regularly updated website that collects chronologically texts or articles by one or more authors. Basically, a Blog is nothing more than a personal space for writing on the Internet in which its author publishes articles or news (post) that may contain text, images and hyperlinks.

Blog Roll

It is a widget that we can install in our blogs and that basically visualizes the list of links to other blogs that for some reason we want to recommend to our readers. Normally these are blogs with similar or related themes that we visit frequently ourselves.


It’s the passionate people sharing content through a blog.


Image format or extension, standard of Windows.


It would translate to “self-financing”. That is, it is the growth model in which a company does not require external financing or investors, but pays for its growth with the income generated by its customers. This is in contrast to the usual model in many startups, which require external investment for their development and growth. In fact, it is the usual model for most companies, those that are not startups and do not seek to create a disruptive business.

Bounce Rate

Fast exit from the site after having seen a single page, in less than 30 seconds.


Brainstorming is a group work tool that facilitates the emergence of new ideas on a given topic or problem. Brainstorming is a group technique to generate original ideas in a relaxed atmosphere.

Brand advertising

Advertising of a brand that creates a favorable distinctive image and that customers associate with a product when making a purchase.


It is the set of strategies that are put into practice to build and make visible the brand of a company or product. Through online marketing and social media, various strategies can be developed to increase a brand’s notoriety, number of sales and popularity.

Personal branding

It is the management of one’s image as if it were a brand, generally in the field of professional relations.

Break even

It is the break-even point or the break-even point. It is the point at which the company’s revenues are equal to its costs and, from that point on, it would begin to generate profits.


Term applied to errors discovered when running any computer program. It was first used in 1945 by Grace Murray Hooper, one of the pioneers of modern programming, when she discovered how a bug had damaged a computer circuit “Mark”.

Bulk traffic

Massive traffic, characterized by its lack of segmentation.


Batch. Grouping of a product with other articles or accessories that complement it.

Business angel

It is a type of private investor, a person who invests his own money in startups, and who has usually been a successful entrepreneur or professional before. In addition to money, he can bring experience, knowledge and contacts.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is the set of strategies and tools focused on the management and creation of knowledge through the analysis of existing data in an organization or company.

Business model

The business model is a simplified representation of the entire operation of a company. In other words, it is the description of the elements that will influence how a company offers its products or services to customers, with what means and/or channels it reaches them, its relationship with them and how the company will generate income and invest its capital.

Business plan

A business plan is the concrete roadmap that the entrepreneur will follow to develop his company. It will include projections and quantifiable objectives, and will serve for administration and task planning. It is usually reflected in an Excel.


It is the noise generated in social environments, it is conversation, it is word of mouth. Buzz is what they say on websites and blogs. It’s the conversation on Facebook, it’s the RT on Twitter, the post on Linkedin.


A set of 8 bits used to represent a value assigned to a particular character (in binary coding).

With the C


Acquisition cost of the average customer.


The upper part of a web or app, where the main menu, logos and fundamental actions of the product are located.


Copy that keeps a computer of the web pages visited lately, so that, if the user requests them again, they are read from the hard disk without having to connect to the network again, thus achieving an improvement in the loading speed.

Call to Action.

Element added to an Internet content that aims to call the user’s attention to do something.


At first sight it is the medium, the means of communication by which a message is spread. It is a direct, visual and dynamic way of consuming and broadcasting content on the Internet. In Social Media we call a channel to the account that a user has in Youtube to spread his videos. It is a direct, visual and dynamic way of consuming and broadcasting content on the Internet.

Canvas Business Model

Canvas is a strategic management template for developing new business models or documenting existing ones.

Seed capital

It is understood as the necessary investment for the launching to the market of a new product or service launched by recently created companies, still in an embryonic state (hence the term “seed”). These are relatively small amounts (between 25,000 and 250,000 euros in Spain), usually provided by business angels and venture capital funds specializing in the earliest stages of companies. This type of investment tends to have a very high risk, but also a huge ROI if the company does well.


Acquisition of visitors through marketing actions that seek to generate new customers.


Completely Automated Public Turing. It is a small test that helps determine whether a user is a computer or a human.


Company that provides wireless telecommunication services.

Carrier Billing (Direct Carrier Billing)

Payment method by means of an application installed on the smartphone. The amount of the digital purchase made by the user is then incorporated into their phone bill. Carrier billing is used by those who do not have credit cards or those who wish to pay easily.

CERN Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire.

European Laboratory for Particle Physics, in Genoa, Switzerland This is where the World Wide Web was born in 1991, based on Tim Berners-Lee’s proposal.

Digital certificate

It is an accreditation issued by a duly authorized entity or individual guaranteeing that a certain piece of information (an electronic signature or a public key) 16 actually belongs to the person who is supposed to. Examples of accreditation bodies are Verisign or Thawte.


The circles are part of the Google Plus social network and serve to keep contacts organized. Circles can be edited, customized and shared with other users.

Click (click)

Metrics of a user’s reaction to an advertisement or hyperlink on the Internet There are three types of clicks: click-throughs, in-unit clicks and mouseovers. It is the result of a measurable interaction with an ad or keyword that links to the advertiser’s website or another page or frame within the website, and which is recorded by the server.

Click To Call

Service within an ad or mobile web that allows the user to initiate a call by a click. Typically, it is used to enhance or provide a direct response mechanism to an advertisement.


Number of clicks that have been proven to be effective, i.e. clicks that have led to the complete download of the landing page. Action on a hyperlink within an advertisement or editorial content that leads to another website or another page or frame within the website

Sometimes, it is mistakenly used instead of click. Advertising click-throughs should be measured and reported as a 302 redirection to the ad server and any robotic or automated activity should be eliminated. The true value of the click-through is that a user has agreed to visit another advertiser’s website, where the advertiser can communicate other messages to him.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Percentage resulting from clicks on the downloaded impressions of an ad. A clickthrough is what the sponsoring site counts as a result of one advertising click. In practice, clicks and click-throughs tend to be used interchangeably. However, a click-through implies that the user has downloaded the page.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing. According to the IEEE Computer Society, it is a paradigm in which information is stored permanently on Internet servers. Cloud computing is based on Internet servers that handle user requests or other servers. The information or service can be accessed via an Internet connection from any mobile or fixed device located anywhere.

Cluetrain Manifesto

Manifesto drafted in 1999 which includes the main values and communication codes of the Web 2.0

CMS or Content Management System

It is the acronym in English for Content Management System and refers to the program that gives structure to the web pages and allow the creation, editing, management, administration and publication of our content on the Internet.

Source code

Set of instructions that make up a program, written in any language. In English, source code.

QR Code (Quick Response Code)

Open two-dimensional barcode or dot matrix to store information It has three squares in the corners that allow the reader to detect the position of the code. When scanning the code with the smartphone, the user is redirected to a page on the Internet.

Wholesale trade

Commercial activity that has as final recipients other traders or entrepreneurs, not final consumers.

Retail trade

Commercial activity whose mission is to make products available to final consumers.

Community Manager (CM)

It is the professional responsible for building, managing and administering the online community around a brand on the Internet, creating and maintaining stable and lasting relationships with their customers, their fans and, in general, any user interested in the brand. Among its many functions, the CM is the creator of content, manager of the brand’s online reputation as well as analyzing and using metrics to measure the results of the actions implemented.


Digital design composition refers to the spatial arrangement of the elements that make up a page and includes the structural arrangement (columns, header, footer), and the content elements (texts, photos, etc).


Set of people with presence in digital media and social networks that share and dialogue in the 2.0 environment generally around a brand or theme.

Board of Directors

The board of directors is one of the forms that the administrative and representative body of a company can take. It is the most common model in companies that have received external financing.

Valuable content

It is the content that helps and brings real value to users. On the Internet we could distinguish between valuable content, commercial content and filler content. By publishing valuable content instead of commercial content, we will make it shared on social networks, build user loyalty and reach new users.

Duplicate Content

This is the text that Google detects as a copy made of an original document. Copying and pasting or publishing to two or more different sites the same text generates duplicate content.

Evergreen Content

Content that lasts over time, that is, it does not lose its value because the time element is not key, so it can be valuable and useful for a long period of time. Example: Best cars of the 80s.

Liquid content

It is that material, document or content that once created and elaborated can be transformed and adapted to any other format. The difficult thing is to create good content, the easy thing is to adapt it to other forms. Always try to create liquid content because you will save work and you will be able to publish the same idea in different media and social networks. From a video you can make a post, from a post a video, from a video a computer graphics and so on.

Optimized Content

Content that has gone through the process of content optimization, that is, edited and with all the elements necessary to have maximum efficiency on the Internet at the business level.

Own Content

Self-generated content by an individual or company.


Advertiser-defined post-click event. Usually represents some action within the sales funnel, such as an installation, a purchase, a registration or adding a product to the shopping cart. Conversions can be defined by conversion pixels, in the case of web, or install trackers, in the case of apps.


A cookie is a small text file sent from a web server to the client browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) that is stored locally on the user’s machine and is automatically sent back to the web server each time the browser makes a request for information. It thus serves as the user’s browser identifier.

Copyright (license of)

It recognizes the copyright for the creation of a work. It stipulates that the owner of the copyright of a work has exclusive power over the reproduction and distribution of the work, as well as over derivative works. So in order to reproduce or distribute them we will need to sign a contract or document that expressly authorizes it. If you use content that a third party has under a copyright license, it can take you to court.


Interactive advertising buying model. The advertising cost is based on the number of clicks received.


Cost paid by an advertiser for the acquisition of a client.

CPA (Cost per Acquisition)

“Cost per Acquisition. On the one hand, it means Cost per Acquisition, a contracting model in which the advertiser only pays the advertising provider or affiliate an agreed price or commission when an acquisition occurs (an order in the context of an e-commerce platform); on the other hand, it refers to Acquisition Cost, marketing investment needed to achieve a sale (e.g. if an investment of 100 results in 4 orders, the CPA will be 25).

CPA (Cost-Per-Action)

Interactive advertising buying model. The advertising cost is based on the performance of a specifically user-defined action in response to an advertisement. Actions include sales transactions, customer acquisition or clicks.

CPC (Cost per Click)

It is a way of marketing and financing advertising on social networks. The advertiser pays an agreed price only when users click on the ad. It is a model of online advertising purchase, where you do not pay for the audience (CPM), but for each click made. It is the classic model of search engine advertising, for example.

CPI (Cost Per Install)

Model in which the advertiser pays for each installation of an application.

CPL (Cost-Per-Lead)

Interactive advertising buying model. The advertising cost is based on the number of database files received. A more specific form of the cost-per-action ad-buying model in which a user provides enough information on the advertiser’s site (or in interaction with a rich media ad) to become a potential customer. It is the cost to pay to get a lead or potential customer. In other words, a user becomes a lead or potential customer when he or she provides enough information on their visit to become a potential customer, through a form, for example. It is possible to calculate the cost per lead independently of the form of payment for an advertisement, i.e. it is not necessary to buy on the basis of the payment per lead to calculate the cost per lead.

CPM (Cost per Mille)

It’s a bidding strategy for online advertising. It represents the cost of a thousand impressions of an ad, that is, the price of appearing printed a thousand times on the web page where it is advertised. The advertiser proposes the number of times he wants his message to appear on the page and based on this, a price is established for every thousand. Advertisers that publish CPM ads set the price they want for every thousand ads published, select the specific ad locations where they want to publish the ads and pay each time their ad appears. This metric is derived from print advertising, where the letter M represents one thousand units.

CPO (Cost-Per-Order)

Interactive advertising buying model. The advertising cost is based on the number of orders received. Also known as cost per transaction.

CPS (Cost-Per-Sale)

The cost to the advertiser of generating a sales transaction. If the sale is made online, cookies can be used on the advertiser’s website and check how many sales come from that ad.

CPT (Cost-Per-Transaction)

CPO (cost per order).

CPTM (cost per thousand target prints)

CPTM implies that the target audience being sought is defined by demographic or other specific characteristics (e.g., golfers between the ages of 18 and 25). The difference between the CPM and the CPTM is that the CPM is used for gross impressions, whereas the CPTM is defined by the cost of impressions directed at a target audience.

Creative Commons

It is a non-profit corporation that grants public and flexible licenses to documents of general interest so that they can be used and reproduced without commercial interest by other users. Any user and content author can register their documents in Creative Commons and choose between different types of CC licenses.

CRM “Customer Relationship Management”.

It refers to a management model, or more specifically CRM is a computer system, dedicated to customer relations, sales and marketing.

Cross Selling

It involves showing or informing the buyer of other products related or complementary to the one he wants to buy, thus encouraging him to buy them.


Also known as micro-patronage, it is a form of joint and public financing of projects. Normally, rewards are given based on the money contributed by each participant.


Action by which companies and brands generate creative content through their own clients, fans or Internet users. This term has become widespread and has been put into practice above all to encourage participation in social networks.


Cascading Style Sheets (or CSS) is a style sheet language for defining and creating the presentation of a structured document written in a markup language. The separation of formatting and content makes it possible to present the same marked up document in different styles for different rendering methods.

CTA or Call to Action

It is a button or link located on our site that seeks to attract potential customers and convert them into final customers, usually through a form on a landing page.

CTR stands for “Click Through Rate” or percentage of clicks.

It is a ratio that is expressed as a percentage, and measures the effectiveness of a text or an ad. It results from dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions.

Content healing

This is a new methodology that has emerged within the content marketing strategies that companies have incorporated, which consists of locating, filtering, modifying and distributing, in a segmented manner, part of the large amount of content generated on the Internet.


Content curator. Searches, filters, collects and shares relevant content about a given topic, modifying and distributing, in a segmented way, part of the large amount of content generated on the Internet.

Customer Centric

It is a strategy whose primary objective is to align the conceptualization, development and marketing of a brand’s products and services with the needs and desires of its most valuable customers.

With the D


Analysis (internal and external) of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of our organization.

Darknet (dark network)

It is a collection of networks and technologies used to share information and digital content that is “distributed” among the different nodes and that seeks to preserve the anonymity of the identities of those who exchange such information. In other words, the anonymity of the origin and destination is sought when the transfer of information takes place.


The control panel, dashboard or simply Dashboard is the name given to the set of instruments and indicators. Its origin comes from the vehicles, and on the Internet we use it to talk about the part of an application that allows you to manage all the possible data of it.

Data Mining

Also known as data mining, it is the set of techniques and technologies that allow exploring large databases, automatically or semi-automatically, with the aim of finding repetitive patterns or trends in them.

Content manager

Maximum responsible for the content area of a company or a project. He is ultimately responsible for establishing and executing the content strategy. Content Design Activity aimed at defining the substance and structure that the contents should have in order to get the most out of them.

Flash display

Display with flash technology, usually with movement.


Digital advertising in the form of an advertisement similar to the one in the press.

Content distribution

This activity is designed to ensure that our content is offered in as many channels as possible.

DMP (Data Management Platform)

It is a tool that allows the collection, management and arrangement of audience and segment data.


Internet server naming system. It is a name that serves to identify a web site accessible by a user.

DNS Abbreviation for Domain Name Server.

It is an automated server used on the Internet whose task is to convert easy to understand names, such as domains (for example,, to IP numeric addresses, which are the addresses that servers actually use to identify themselves.


One of the most popular and successful CMS on the market.

DSP (Demand Side Platform)

Software that allows the purchase of inventory in an automated way, usually through a real-time auction (RTB).

Dynamic Optimization

Dynamic optimization, an algorithm that allows a software to modify its purchasing behavior based on empirical data.

With the E


Digital version of the merchandising. These are activities that stimulate purchase at the point of sale (in this case, an e-commerce platform) with the aim of increasing profitability.


Digital document through which a brand or person goes deeper into a specific topic.


High performance digital equipment.


This is the Facebook algorithm that decides which stories appear in the users’ “latest news” section. It basically depends on three factors: the age or time that passes from the time it is published on the Fan Page until a user makes it visible on his news wall, the affinity with the page and the participation or weight that each of the publications generates among users and fans.

EDI “Electronic Data Interchange”.

It is the electronic exchange of data from computer to computer between business partners. Discotheque effect This is a comparison used in marketing to refer to the negative effect caused by a publication that has no participation. What happens if you enter a discotheque and no one is there? Do you stay and dance by yourself? I don’t think so. Well, the behaviour of the users in front of a post without comments is similar, as a general rule few people like to be the first and the disco effect is produced.

Elevator pitch

Very short speech to explain what the business of a startup is and what its differential values are. It can also be used in other areas, but it is very common for 28 presentations to investors in unexpected situations, such as meeting someone in an elevator, hence its name in English.


It is the person who has a deep knowledge of the product or service, loves it, knows what it represents and what that product or service is capable of providing, both in the functional and emotional fields. They are the people who show you their support and help you to spread contents and publications. They can emerge spontaneously in social networks or be people from your closest circle.


It means cipher. Treatment of a set of data in order to prevent anyone except the recipient of the data from reading it. There are many types of data encryption, and these form the basis of network security.


It is a term widely used in online marketing to refer to the degree of attachment of people to a brand, an organization, a product, an activity, etc. It refers to the capacity of a product (a brand, a blog, an application) to create solid and lasting relationships with its users, generating a commitment in its consumers. The more we know about the user, the better tactics we can implement to make that relationship solid and lasting.


This is a version of PostScript, used to place images in a document. It is compatible with vector and desktop publishing programs.


A company is scalable when it has great growth potential, but that growth can be achieved without increasing the structural costs to the same extent. In other words, as it grows in customers and revenues, the profit margin will increase, increasing profitability exponentially.

Digital strategy

How to lead organizations in the digital environment to adapt, in an optimal way, the resources and skills of our organization to the changing environment (that in such a radical way are permanently changing both the Internet and the new technologies), taking better advantage of the opportunities that appear with the digital transformation, evaluating adequately also the risks, to achieve the objectives and goals

With the F

Fan page

It is the platform that Facebook offers to companies, brands or organizations to make visible and connect with users. Unlike a profile, a Fan Page has no limit of fans and it is possible to access the statistical information of the page.


A 16×16 pixel image that accompanies a website address in the browser’s address bar. If you have several tabs open, its use allows you to identify your website easily.

Feature Phone

Class of mobile phones generally applied to the most basic models and with more limited capabilities, as opposed to smartphones. Typically, they provide basic multimedia and Internet capabilities, and access to third-party software is more restricted.


Also known as an RSS file, it is a means by which several pages/blogs can be followed and read in a feed reader such as Feedly.


Main action of communication 2.0 which consists of making the dialogue and communication between users two-way. Generating and participating in dialogue with the users and clients of a brand is the basis of any social media strategy and one of the main objectives of the Community Manager.

FF Abbreviation used on Twitter that refers to the term “Follow Friday” (#FF).

It is used to recommend and greet featured contacts on Friday of each week. FFF (Family, Friends & Fools) Usually the first money an entrepreneur gets to create his startup, invested (or loaned) by family, friends and “fools” who decide to bet on a person and an idea. They are the investors who take the greatest risk, given the embryonic state of the company. These are usually very small amounts and are almost non-refundable.

Fill rate

Percentage of ad request that is filled with an ad.


Collection of specific parameters of a mobile user, such as time, IP, MAC address, etc., in order to follow its activity. It is used by install trackers to associate a click to an installation.


A combination of hardware and software used to separate a local area network (LAN) into two or more parts with the aim of isolating each part and thus providing security. Its basic objective is to ensure that all communications between that network and the Internet are carried out in accordance with the security policies of the organization that installs it. In addition, these systems usually incorporate elements of privacy, authentication, etc.

Digital signature

Encrypted information that identifies the author of an electronic document and authenticates his/her identity. Followback When Twitter accounts follow all your new followers back.


They are the followers of a user or brand on social networks such as Twitter or Instagram.

Venture Capital Fund

They are companies dedicated to investing professionally in companies that are not usually listed on organized markets. Unlike private equity funds, which invest in more consolidated companies, VCs tend to finance startups in different stages of growth, which entails a high potential return on investment, but also a very high risk (hence the name), since the business model has not yet been fully validated by the startup. The later the venture capital fund invests, the lower its potential ROI, but also the risk is greatly reduced.


It’s the bottom of the page. Traditionally it was the place to put the page numbers on paper supports such as books, newspapers or magazines. On the Internet it is the place used to locate the contact area, basic data of the author, authors, access to social networks, etc.

Content formats

The basic material that forms the different types of content: Text, Audio, Image and Video.


In English, a frame is the content of a data screen or its equivalent storage space. It is also one of the frames of an animated Gif. Framework Environment or frame. Usually integrates components such as program support, libraries, templates … that facilitate the development of applications.


It is a model that consists of offering basic services for free with the option of enjoying complementary services, without limitations, or a higher level through a paid subscription (premium).

FTP Abbreviation for File Transfer Protocol.

Through programs that use this protocol, the connection between two computers is allowed, which can thus upload and download files between them. In these connections, one computer acts as the client and the other as the server.


An Anglo-Saxon expression that designates the part of the logistics of electronic commerce in any of its aspects. It includes processes that are executed from the reception of the goods to the packaging of the order, its delivery and management of changes and returns (inverse logistics).

Funnel or conversion funnel

It is a term of Online Marketing that tries to define the different steps that a user has to take to fulfill a certain objective within the web, whether it is a registration, a purchase or the generation of a lead.

With the G


Marketing technique that introduces the dynamics of games and contests as part of the promotion and advertising of a product.


Technology that uses the positioning service of mobile devices to provide ads to users based on their exact location. It allows a brand to establish a geographic radius of interest within which it sends various actions to any mobile device with GPS. Geo-fencing creates virtual barriers in physical space.


It refers to the practice of delivering different content to a user based on their geographic location. Geo-targeting can be used to impact local consumers through CFP or organic search. Customized messages are sent to users based on their location at a given time, while in geo-targeting, the same message is sent to all users once they log in.


A term that refers to the positioning and geographical location of a business, person or place through coordinates that allow any element to be located on the map. It is a fundamental tool for applications.

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) Digital image file.

It allows to store an alpha channel to provide transparency, and save it as interlaced so that when loading it on the web it can be done in several steps. Supports up to 256 colors. It is an image format that is mainly characterized by being animated and with movement.

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF).

Often an ad or set of ads in a campaign is called “the creative”. Banners and other special types of advertising that include more sophisticated interactive or visual elements are known as rich media (advanced graphic elements).

Google hacking Google

Hacking is a technique that uses advanced Google operators in your search engine to locate specific strings of text within search results. It is often used to find specific versions of particular vulnerabilities in web applications.

Google Play

It is a digital content distribution platform for Android operating system devices, developed and operated by Google. It allows users to browse and download applications, music, books, magazines and movies.

Google Wallet

Service created by Google and Mastercard to make payments online and with mobile devices. It uses NFC technology and stores the user’s credit card information to make fast and secure one-touch payments on any PayPass enabled terminal at the time of payment.


The graphical user interface, also known as GUI.

With the H


Instant messaging medium that allows video calls, and also a medium for live video conferencing through Google Plus and a Youtube channel.


It is a word or phrase preceded by the symbol #. Hashtags are useful in your social networking strategies, because they generate greater visibility on the site. Its use has been extended mainly in social networks such as Twitter, Instagram or Google Plus.


Header of the web pages where the menu, the logo, the search engine and the most important links of the service are positioned.


The web hosting service consists of the storage of data, applications or information inside servers external to the company and designed to carry out this task.

HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access)

It is known as 3.5G, 3G+ or mini 3G. It is characterized by the optimization of UMTS/WCDMA spectrum technology. It is a new channel that improves the maximum capacity of information transfer, being able to reach download rates of up to 14 Mbps.

HTML Abbreviation for Hypertext Markup Language.

This is the language used to create hypertext documents, i.e. web pages. It is the basis of the web and the WWW. It is a standard that serves as a reference for the software that connects with the elaboration of web pages in their different versions, defines a basic structure and a code (called HTML code) for the definition of the content of a web page.


Fifth version of the basic language of the World Wide Web, including web mobile. It offers improvements in the handling and use of multimedia elements without relying on external plug-ins.

HTTP In English, Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

HTTP is the protocol used on the web to make requests for information from the client to the server and to transfer the responses from the server. It has the lightness and speed needed to handle lightweight systems such as the WWW. HTTP has been used by World Wide Web servers since their inception in 1993.


Created by Netscape Communications Corporation to designate documents arriving from a secure web server. This security is provided by the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol based on the encryption and authentication technology originally developed by RSA Data Security Inc.

With the I


The Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) concept is one of the three fundamental iodels in the field of cloud computing, along with Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). IaaS provides access to virtualized hardware computing resources, i.e. it offers processing infrastructure services.


The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is a non-profit organization that operates internationally and is responsible for allocating Internet Protocol (IP) address space as well as domains. In practice, this organization controls the Internet and the WWW.

IDFA (Identifer For Advertisers)

Identification method used on devices with iOS 6 or higher to capture data from a user and improve targeting. Replaces the use of UDID in advertising.


An advertising print can be understood as either an advertising print or a page view. Normally, it is understood as an advertising impression. There can be multiple advertising impressions per page view. An advertising impression is a file, or a file or a combination of these sent to a user as a result of the user’s request to the ad server.

According to FAST, an advertising impression is the computation resulting from the sending of an advertising unit from a distribution point. Advertising impression is the term under which online advertising is marketed and its cost is calculated or estimated by thousands of impressions (CPM).

The method for counting advertising impressions can be either through advertising insertions or ad request or advertising requests. Certain tools count ad requests and not exposures. A test would be necessary to determine if this is an acceptable estimate. At present, two methods are used to send and count the advertising broadcast to the user: server-initiated and client initiated.

Inbound Marketing or Attraction Marketing

It refers to the set of non-aggressive online marketing techniques that allow us to attract customers by providing value, through digital marketing actions such as SEO, content marketing and Social Media.


Person or group of people who have gained trust, credibility, prestige and knowledge about a certain topic through their Social Media actions. They have the capacity to viralize, share and prescribe products, services or content, reaching a large number of people.


It is an image that combines text and graphics forming a visual scheme that transmits, in a quick and intuitive way, concepts and information. Some of the best known free tools to create your own infographics and that I recommend are Pictochart, or


Information document on the status of the action plans in the different content-related activities and which includes quantitative and qualitative data from the result of the web analytics.


It is a neologism that refers to the side effects of the information overload to which new technologies expose us.


Extraction of knowledge from data or facts, for example by identifying market trends


An application is considered to be installed after the discharge and subsequent opening. Non-organic installation Installation generated from clicking on an advertisement. Organic installation Installation that does not come directly from an advertisement.

Install tracker

Tool used to track installations in an application, both organic and non-organic, using fingerprinting methods to associate a click with an installation. They also allow you to define and measure post-installation events, such as purchases and registrations. Its use requires the implementation of an SDK within the app code.


The interaction design discipline that defines the behavior of the products and systems with which the user interacts. Interface The graphical user interface, also known as GUI, is a set of images and graphic objects to represent the information and actions available in the application.


An advertising unit that displays an ad between two screens of an application or two pages on a website.

Interstitial ads

Advertising format that appears between two content pages. Also known as transit advertising.


Advertising space available on all channels, including video, applications, SMS, audio or web.

IoT or Internet of Things

It is the internet of “things”, or the digitalization of everyday objects, like the refrigerator, some clothes or contact lenses, for example. It is a concept based on the interconnection of any product with any other around it, using the Internet as an infrastructure for its connection. The aim is to make all these devices communicate with each other and therefore become more intelligent and independent.

IP Internet Protocol.

In general, it is the set of rules that regulate the transmission of data packets through the Internet. The IP is the numerical address of a computer on the Internet, so that each electronic address is assigned to a computer connected to the Internet and is therefore unique. The IP address is composed of four bytes, such as 127,248,51,210.


ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. ISPs are companies that provide Internet connection to their customers. It is a service (in most cases paid for) usually provided by a telecommunications company, which allows users to connect to the Internet.


Test a product, process or service with real customers to obtain data and feedback to improve it The iteration will consist of testing again and again, after making changes based on the results obtained, until the objectives set are achieved.

With the J


Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) is the name of a committee of experts that created a standard for compression and coding of files and still images

With the K


System used in software development to limit work in progress, using virtual “signal cards” that represent the work items. It uses a system of limited work-in-progress extraction as a basic mechanism to expose system (or process) performance problems and stimulate collaboration for continuous system improvement.


Digital talent management model (Knowledge, Attitude, Tools, Action).


English word that means “key word”. The set of terms that are relevant in the user’s life when mentally ordering their concepts in relation to some matter and that they use to search. It is the term that we introduce in the search engine box when performing a search.


Set of elements that make up the interface of a website. Navigation bars, buttons, content boxes, typographies, colours, etc. make up the elements of an interface and all of them are gathered together in a design and interaction kit.


It stands for “Key Performance Indicator”. They are those measurement indicators from which useful information is obtained about the performance level of a business activity, a campaign or a marketing strategy.

With the L

Landing Page

English concept that translated means “landing page”. These are static pages or home pages with general information and content where users go when visiting a website and which are designed to convert visitors into leads. It is a page prepared to get future clients, in which the focus is very well described, delimited by a clear action button (CTA), evident and surrounded by exclusively vital information for its understanding. This page is reached after clicking on a banner or text ad. In most cases, this web page is an extension of the ad.


Time range between a user action (such as a click) and the application’s response to perform the task. Generally, it is applied to refer to the time between the loading of a site and that of the ads.


Each of the layers of information contained in the image files in the graphic editing programs.


Schematic representation of a web page without graphic elements showing content and behaviour of the pages.


(Or registration) is a person who has provided his or her contact information through a landing page form and, as a result, becomes part of a company’s database. They are usually generated by offering valuable content that the user can download from the web. It is a potential customer, apparently interested in the product we offer, and who has provided us with a minimum of information to contact him. For example, their first name and telephone number or e-mail address.

Lead investor

It is the investor who is followed by others in a joint financing round with several investors. Normally, he is the one who brings in the most money in the round and is in charge of negotiating the conditions that the other investors will accept: partners’ agreement, company valuation, etc.

Lead time

This is the time that elapses from the start of a production process to its completion, usually including the time required to deliver that product to the customer.

Lean startup

Working methodology for the creation of products and companies created by Eric Ries. It is based on the application of the scientific method to the creation of companies, starting from a hypothesis that must be validated by means of experiments and tests. It places special emphasis on the capture of customer data and its analysis for decision making.


It is a Javascript library that shows images, videos or texts by filling the screen and hiding behind it the rest of the web page.


Process by which a user registers and accesses the account with their name, email or password in a tool, online platform or a social network.

LTE (Long Term Evolution)

Commonly referred to as 4G LTE, it is the standard for high-speed data transmission in telecommunications. LTE can deliver download speeds of up to 299.6 Mbits and upload speeds of up to 75.4 Mbits.

LTV or Lifetime Value

It is the net value of the income generated by a client during the time he is our client.

With the M


Marketing techniques that use mobile devices as a means of advertising and commercial communication between users and the advertiser. Most of the current investment in mobile marketing is devoted to the development of applications for downloading and to SMS and MMS marketing.

Style manual (or Style guide)

It is a guide composed of a set of criteria and standards for the design and creation of content, either for general use, or for use by newspaper editors or other organizations that also publish texts.


It is the representation of data through a color code, which is built based on the number of clicks or areas most visited by the user.

Social Bookmarks

Social bookmarking is a simple and popular way to store, sort and share links on the Internet. Its main feature is that the inclusion and classification of information is done by the users themselves.

Marketing Automation

It consists of using computer software to perform certain specific tasks in an automated manner.

Content Marketing

Marketing and business process aimed at creating and distributing attractive and relevant content to an audience in order to increase the business we generate through it, capturing new customers or strengthening the relationship with existing ones. Marketing strategies focused on offering useful and helpful content to users, mainly through blogs and social media marketing.

SMS Marketing

Mobile marketing practice that consists of the distribution of informational or promotional content through text messages (SMS).


Space that serves as a contact between suppliers and customers, usually with a commercial purpose and always in exchange for a fee or commission for service. The Marketplace, in exchange for this fee and/or commission, provides the technology (platform) on the one hand and marketing (users) on the other.

Material Design

Material design is a design standard focused on the visualization of the Android operating system, as well as on the web and on any platform. It was developed by Google and announced at the Google I/O conference on June 25, 2014.

Media Business

It usually refers to the media business, or media or entertainment business of radio, TV, Internet, magazines and newspapers. Based on the generation of audiences and subsequent marketing of advertising or sale of content.

Member get Member

Actions focused on getting a community member to “bring” another member.


This is data that describes other data. In general, a metadata group refers to a group of data that describes the informational content of an object. Example: Metadata of a book that is part of a library would be: genre, author, date of publication, synopsis…


Unlike blogs, microblogs only contain very brief annotations (they can also include links) that allow you to report on what the author is doing at a given time without the need to write a “post” on your blog. The most famous microblogging network is Twitter.

Minimum viable content or MVC

Essential content to start the content project. Due to the difficulty of managing content-related projects, the phrase “less is more” has all its development in this area. Mission Reason for the company’s existence, its very essence, the reason for what it exists in the world.

MMA (Mobile Marketing Association)

Global non-profit association composed of more than 800 companies in fifty countries, with presence in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the USA. It aims to promote the growth of mobile marketing, overcome obstacles to market development, establish guidelines and best practices for mobile media and educate the market for the use of mobile channels.

MMS (Multimedia Messaging System)

Messaging system with multimedia capabilities. It incorporates a maximum of 300 kB of text, images, sound and video per message sent. If the recipient’s device does not have the technology to play it, it receives a text message with an Internet link.

Mobile First

The consumer must have the possibility to interact in each of the phases through his mobile phone, since this begins to be the interface through which consumer decisions are made.

Mobile Friendly Web

These are the characteristics of a website that make it possible to navigate it from mobile devices with ease. A website is mobile friendly if it is downloaded quickly, is easy to read and navigate, if it does not have excessive scrolling and does not use flash.


Mockup is a visual guide that represents the basic skeleton of a web or application. Also known as Wireframe.

Subscription models

A business model that, instead of closing individualized sales by marketing a product or service, what is marketed is access to the product or service during a certain period.

With the N


Refers to the header or main navigation bar of an app or web.

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

It is a confidentiality contract that regulates and protects the information that will be shared by the signatories during a negotiation or possible agreement.

NFC (Near Field Communications)

Protocols used by electronic devices for wireless communication. They are carried out by bringing the devices into contact with each other or bringing them closer together by 10 cm or less. The maximum transfer rate is 424 Kbps.

Push Notification

These are messages that are sent directly to mobile devices. They are used by independent developers and application owners to keep their users informed of changes to their applications. An example is WhatsApp: when a message is sent to us in this way, the “warning” that appears is a push notification.

With the O

On Device Meter (ODM)

Software that collects usage data from a mobile application or device. It is used by the Nielsen company for its market and audience research.

Open source

Open source or free software. Refers to a program whose source code is available to the general public, who can not only use it, but also modify it.


Process in which a user gives explicit consent to receive a certain subscription.


Process by which a user removes their subscription to certain content. Many times, it involves sending an SMS with a certain phrase, such as “stop” or “unsubscribe”.

IPO (Initial Public Offering)

An IPO (Initial Public Offering) is a financial operation whose objective is to sell part or all of the shares of a company through the stock markets. In other words, it is an operation that takes place when a company goes public. Its objective is usually twofold: on the one hand, it seeks to obtain extra funding for the company to cope with rapid growth and, on the other hand, it allows the founders and investors of the company to recover their investment, usually with significant profits.

Organisational chart

It presents all levels of hierarchy and the relationship between them. The organization chart does not contain all the information to know how the total structure looks like, but it does contain the fundamentals.


They are the quantification of the behaviors that people adopt after being impacted by outputs (for example, recommending a product or making a purchase). Verifying whether audiences/persons have taken action as a result of the messages issued is the main function.


These are the supports where the public can see the messages issued by an organization (a website, a brochure, media appearances, fan page,…). For that reason we must make sure that the chosen medium really reaches the desired audience/persons.


These are the perceptions/opinions that people obtain as a result of being impacted by the outputs and are usually measured through questionnaires.

With the P


It stands for Peer-to-Peer, which means communication between equals. In a P2P network, computers and devices connect and communicate with each other without using a central server, taking advantage of, optimizing and managing the capacity of the network independently.

PaaS Acronym for Platfom as a Service.

The concept of platform as a service is a category of cloud services that provides a platform and environment for developers to create applications and services that work over the Internet. PaaS services are hosted in the cloud, and users can access them simply through their web browser.


Preparation, packaging and labelling of packages.


Movement technique that happens while the user scrolls through the web. The technique modifies the speeds of the elements, creating different speed planes, creating a depth effect on the website.


It consists of all those acts where users are active in the form of comments, opinions or sharing content on social networks and blogs.

Design patterns

Design patterns are the basis for finding solutions to common problems in software development and other areas related to interaction or interface design.

PDF Original format of Acrobat.

It allows to store vectorial images and bitmap.


System that visually guides the user to the exact locations in the warehouse where to pick up the items in the order.


The process of collecting material by removing packaged units or assemblies from a larger unit.


It’s an image or video added to Pinterest. Pinners are registered users of Pinterest who publish pins.


When a startup has made a strategic mistake, either with the product or service it offers, or with its business model, it is common to consider “pivoting”: it is a matter of carrying out all the changes that are necessary to guarantee the viability of the company.

Pixel (Acronym for picture element).

It is the smallest homogeneous unit in colour that is part of a digital image. Conversion Pixel 1×1 transparent image that is pasted into the code of a page to measure conversions.


It is an additional application that brings new and improved services and tools to the blog and website configuration.


Same use as GIF, but with higher quality. Supports transparency and colors at 24 bits. Only recent browser versions can support them.


It is a container of content in audio format (mp3, mp4, radio) downloadable and generally free used in blogs and websites. It is published on the Internet as if it were a radio broadcast. Editorial policy Rule, guide and plan on what is or is not susceptible to be published by a company or brand.


A pop-up window that appears after clicking on a link and exits the main navigation. Sometimes pop-ups are blocked by browsers, so their use is often not recommended.


A pop-up window that is not placed on top of the content displayed in the browser, but remains hidden behind it and is not seen until the content displayed has been closed or minimized.

Post (Article, entry)

Name by which the articles or entries made in the Blogs are known.

Post roll

Broadcasting an ad after a video. Usually 10 to 15 seconds long.


It is the technical name given to the action of publishing a post or an article in a blog.

PPC or pay per click

It is a model of Internet advertising, in which the advertiser pays for its ads through a fee based on the number of clicks on the ad.

Pre roll

Transmission of a pre-shipment announcement


Potential clients who seem to be interested in the product we offer, and who have already provided us with more complete information about themselves, so that we can better understand their needs, desires and expectations. From the prospect we already have different communication channels (email and mobile phone as a minimum) and enough information to be able to make personalized communications and proposals to face the decisive phase of the sales process.

Prosumidor or prosumer

Consumer, who at the same time becomes a producer of content


Formal description of message formats and rules that two computers must follow to exchange these messages. A protocol may describe low level details of machine-to-machine interfaces or high level exchanges between resource allocation programs.


Standard Photoshop format with layer support.

With the Q


I end with what he calls a search

With the R


A data communication system that connects computer systems in more or less nearby locations. It can be composed of different combinations of various types of networks. The Internet is a network that is itself composed of thousands of networks, and is therefore known as “the Network”.


A process by which a user is sent to a different URL than the one they clicked on.


Post a pin from another person to your Pinterest account.


Allows you to answer a tweet or ask questions about a user.

Online Reputation

It is the set of opinions and experiences (positive or negative) of users and consumers that revolve around a brand, product or company generated in the 2.0 environment and social networks.


It is a solution to web design with the aim of allowing websites designed for the desktop to be seen in different screen resolution sizes, adjusting correctly in terms of font size, photography, columns, etc., allowing for correct legibility.


An Anglo-Saxon term referring to retail or commercial retail activity.

Retargeting or Remarketing

It is a digital marketing technique that aims to impact users who have previously interacted with a certain brand on its website. For example: A user enters an ecommerce site willing to make a purchase, but at the last moment regrets it and does not do so. This user is then followed with banner ads.

Retuit (RT)

This is the acronym for the word “Retweet”, it is frequently used on twitter and consists of sharing someone else’s Tweet. It makes it easy to send followers of the company a tweet that we consider useful for them by giving the author’s credits.

RFID “Radio Frequency Identification”.

Radio Frequency Identification, is a system for storing and retrieving remote data using devices called labels, cards, transponders or RFID tags.


(Red, Green, Blue) or RGB (preferred acronym for RAE) is the color composition in terms of the intensity of the primary colors of light.

Rich Media

It is a term that describes ads with advanced features such as video, sound or other elements that attract viewers and get them to interact with the content.


A measure of a company’s profitability as a function of the equity it uses to finance it.

ROI (Return of Investment)

The return on investment (or ROI) is a financial tool that compares the benefits obtained in relation to the investment made. It serves to analyze the return on investment. It applies to both the money invested in a company by external investors and the money invested in marketing.

Funding round (fundraising)

The objective of a financing round is that entrepreneurs get external investment for their company, either because the company is not able to finance itself, or because it needs extra money to grow or to develop certain projects. Financing can be obtained in many ways, although, when talking about a financing round, it is normal to turn to professional investors, such as business angels or venture capital funds, among others.


Research online, purchase offline.


Really Simple Syndication” is a type of format called XML that allows you to share, read, receive and store information from blogs and web pages.

RTB or Real Time Bidding

It is a system for buying online advertising spaces that consists of the real-time auction of the different advertising spaces and is based on technology and the use of user data.

With the S

SaaS “Software as a Service”.

The concept of Software as a Service (SaaS) describes any cloud service in which consumers and businesses can access software applications over the Internet. These applications are hosted in the cloud and can be used for a wide variety of tasks. Google, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr are simple and clear examples of SaaS.


Agile software development framework that adopts an incremental development strategy, overlapping the different phases of development, rather than performing one after another in a sequential or cascading cycle.

SDK (Software Development Kit)

A set of development tools that allow programmers to create mobile applications for a specific operating system. In mobile advertising, SDKs allow applications to communicate with ad servers, to display ads, or install trackers, to track their installations.


It is the action by which a publication is addressed to a group of people with a certain profile: age, marital status, occupation, interests,…

SEM or Search Engine Marketing

When we talk about SEM we usually mean paid search engine advertising campaigns.


Acronym for “Search Engine Optimization“, or Organic Positioning. It is the set of techniques used to increase quality traffic to a website by improving the positioning of a site in the Result Pages of a Search Engine.

SERP or Search Engine Result Page

It is the results page of a search engine for a given keyword.

Operating system

It is the basic software of a smartphone that provides an interface between the other programs of the mobile, the hardware devices and the user. Just as PCs use Windows, Linux and others, in telephony we have Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, Symbian, etc.


It is a drawing made by hand in a fast way and with the intention of not being a final or definitive work. Its purpose is to help visualize quickly an idea or design intention.


Design trend, which tries to make the icons and designed elements look as real as in the physical plane.


Mobile phone device with capabilities common to a computer. Smartphones allow the storage of information, the use of e-mail, the installation of applications, web browsing, etc.

SMM or Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing. It consists of the promotional actions carried out in social media (social networks such as: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc., also forums, blogs and other internet sites), creating their own profiles and carrying out Social Media strategies.

SMO (Social Media Optimization)

They are the set of actions that aim to dynamize and optimize the presence of a brand in different social networks linking and uniting with each other.

Social CRM

This is the term used to describe the addition of social elements to the traditional concept of CRM.

Social Media Manager

It is the professional in charge of creating, introducing and leading the strategy of an organization, product or company in social networks. Besides being the strategist, he is in charge of designing the presence in all social media. He has a global vision of all the components of a strategy and knows how to apply it.

SQL Structured Query Language.

It is a specialized programming language that allows queries (queries in English) to databases.


SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is a cryptographic protocol used to make secure connections between the browser and the server. The information is encrypted at source (browser or server) and decrypted at destination, thus preventing a third party from understanding it if it were intercepted on the way. The SSL protocol has been succeeded by TLS, which stands for Transport Layer Security.


Initial phase through which a very disruptive type of company passes, with a business model that aims to be scalable and replicable. It is a term associated with new technology and highly innovative companies.


Goods stored in a store or warehouse available for sale or distribution.


Marketing technique whose objective is to connect and link the user directly to the content told in the form of a graphic or audiovisual story.

Streaming video

Video transmission that allows its reproduction when the first bits of it are received, thus avoiding storage in the device. This allows you to include ads at the beginning, middle or end of the video, as well as get statistics on the percentage of playback.


Persons who, after registration and inscription, give their data to a brand or company and give their consent to receive information or news related to the products or services of the company.

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

Image or graphic formatting based on vector management.

With the T


Target audience.


Ability to group inventory by demographics, context or behavior to reach a given user group.

Conversion rate

The conversion rate or ratio is the percentage relationship between the total number of visits and the conversions obtained (understood as orders in an e-commerce context).


The name TCP/IP comes from two important protocols in the family, the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the Internet Protocol (IP). This pair of protocols are those used on the Internet for the transmission of data between applications.

Disruptive Technology

It refers to a process or a way of doing things that involves a “break or abrupt interruption” and that imposes itself and displaces those who have been previously employed.


A template or interface device, which differs between form or structure and content. It is a means or device or system, which allows to guide a design.

Test AB

A method that allows the user to be offered, without his knowledge, two (A/B) or more (A/B/C…) versions of a web page or screen, so that the same product, service or content can be shown under different designs in which there are variations of an element (an image, a button, a text…) in order to evaluate which format of that element works best according to the objectives being pursued. Sometimes the evaluation of two very different versions of a web page or screen of an application, in which not only does a single element vary, but its appearance, beyond specific details, is totally different, is also called test AB.

Eye tracking test

It is based on an eye tracking technology that allows to know the user’s visual behaviour when visiting a website.

Multivariate Test

A method that allows the user to be offered, without his knowledge, different versions of a web page or screen, so that the same product, service or content can be shown under different designs in which there are variations of two or more elements and their combinations, in order to evaluate which of these combinations works best according to the objectives being pursued.

Type of content

Just as the content format is the raw material that forms the content, the type of content is the result of the use and combination of the formats with a specific intention.


Typography is the task or trade and industry that deals with the choice and use of types (letters designed with style unit) to develop a printing work. The typography and format selection is used to give intention to the contents. Immediacy, Headline, auxiliary text, etc. We use the typographies to prioritize and enhance the contents correctly.

Tone of the content

The way in which the messages are sent: serious, close, professional, informal… is key to defining the perception that consumers have of a company or individual.

POS Terminal

point of sale. Device that, in a commercial establishment, allows the management of tasks related to sales, such as credit or debit card collection, creation and printing of the sales ticket, inventory management or the generation of reports that help in the management of the business, among others. The POS are composed of hardware and software.


A company is said to have traction when it is growing significantly in some of its key KPIs.

Web traffic

It is determined by the number of visitors and pages they visit.


It is a type of story where the story unfolds through multiple media and communication platforms, and in which a part of the consumers assume an active role in that expansion process. Through this technique, the same content can be transformed and adapted to other formats.


User of the 2.0 environment that is characterized by destructive criticism and negative comments without much foundation.


It stands for “Trending Topic” and is one of the most famous Twitter abbreviations for assigning the most important and influential topics of the moment.


It is the message with which we communicate on Twitter and is characteristic for not being able to exceed a total of 140 characters. Besides the text a tweet can contain several elements such as an image, hashtag (#), include a mention of one or more users (@),…

With the U

UDID (Unique Device Identier)

It is a hardware-level identifier that was used by advertising companies to capture user data. It was replaced in 2012 by the IDFA.

UGC (User Generated Content)

It is the multimedia content generated or distributed by users, whether they own the content or not, through the Internet and which has Social Media (blogs, Wikis, Social Networks) as its main vehicle. Its importance lies in the immediacy with which the content is distributed, the possibility of being commented on or editorialized by the user himself and the capacity that this information has to spread rapidly thanks to social networks.

URL Shortener

A tool that allows you to reduce and compress any web address into fewer characters. Recommended especially for sharing a link on Twitter and making the most of the 140 characters. (,,,..) Ad audience Number of unique users exposed to an ad during a certain period of time.


User Interface Design is the design of the interfaces of machines and software such as computers, applications, mobile phones and other electronic machines with the aim of maximizing usability and user experience.


Induce the customer to buy more valuable products or services.

URL Acronym for Uniform Resource Locator

It is the Internet addressing system, the standard way of writing the address of a specific page or a particular resource within the Web. It is the unique address that identifies a web page on the Internet.


The ease with which people can use a particular tool or any other human-made object in order to achieve a particular goal.


The user experience is the set of factors and elements relating to the interaction of the user with a particular environment or device, the result of which is the generation of a positive or negative perception of that service, product or device.

With the V

Corporate Values

These are factors in the business culture that we consider unbreakable. All members of the organization comply with them in all areas.


A vector image is a digital image formed by independent geometric objects (segments, polygons, arcs, etc.), each defined by different mathematical attributes of shape, position, color, etc. Vectorial images allow us to work efficiently in different sizes without losing resolution.

Interstitial Video

A unit that displays a video ad between two screens in an application or two pages on a website.

Video Marketing

Marketing strategy that has as its main objective to transmit, promote a product or service through videos.


A medium consisting of a gallery or collection of videos created by one or more authors. They can be of any subject. Online video services such as Youtube are the perfect platform to disseminate this type of audiovisual content.


Viral content, of whatever kind, is that which is spread and shared like wildfire among different users and through different media and social networks. The objective of any marketing campaign is to “viralize” its contents.


It’s the ability of something to reproduce, multiply and spread like a virus. Applying this concept to communication we can find viral videos, with viral marketing campaigns or specific viral actions.


It defines the goals (realistic and achievable) that we intend to achieve in the future, formulated with an inspiring and motivating character. It is the future situation that the organization wishes to achieve.


A visit is determined when a single user enters a website one or more times during a given period of time. A visit ends when there is inactivity by the user of 30 or more minutes between successive page visits by that user.


People with a video blog. Nowadays many vloggers have become celebrities and their audience consists mostly of teenagers.

With the W


W3 Consortium, an organization sponsored by MIT and CERN whose purpose is the establishment, maintenance and evolution of standards related to the WWW It was promoted by the creator of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee. Mobile Web It is a web accessible from anywhere through mobile devices. It takes into account in its design the characteristics of mobile devices, thus ensuring a better user experience.


Also called “webminars” are events or conferences that take place in the online environment via streaming.


Digital document of about 10 pages that will be developed to try to explain a certain topic. It is a type of content widely used in content marketing, especially in B2B businesses.

Wi-Fi targeting

Advertising strategy to impact only users who are connected to a wifi network. It is commonly applied in cases where a high bandwidth is required, such as video playback.


Small application or program usually presented in small files that are executed by a widget engine. Among its objectives are to give easy access to frequently used functions and to provide visual information. Although it is not a condition, widgets are usually used to be “embedded” in another web page, copying the code that the same widget makes available to the user.

Windows Phone

Operating system developed by Microsoft as the successor to Windows Mobile. Unlike its predecessor, it is focused on the consumer market rather than the business market.

Windows Phone Store

Formerly, Windows Phone Marketplace. Microsoft’s platform for distributing applications and games on Windows Phone devices.


Wireframe or Mockup, is a visual guide that represents the basic skeleton, of a web or application.


Set of drawings that represent how the elements will be organized in the different pages or screens of a website or application, implementing general aspects referred to its structural appearance, without going into detail.


Popular tool for making and maintaining a blog, which has evolved to become one of the most versatile CMS’s on the market, since, by means of plugins, the program’s functionality can be expanded to cover any functional area.

World Wide Web

Commonly known as WWW, it is the hypertext-based information system, whose function is to search and access documents through the network, so that a user can access them using a web browser. It was created in the early 1990s by Tim Berners-Lee, a researcher at CERN (Switzerland). The information contained in the WWW can be of any format: text, graphic, audio and video.

With the X

XML “eXtensible Markup Language

A meta-language for defining markup languages developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) used to store data in readable form.

With the Y


They are the people who create and upload videos to Youtube and who have turned their channel into something more than a hobby, becoming, in many cases, their profession. The Youtuber earns money for the advertisements in the videos or for showing sponsored products.

With the Z

ZMOT or Zero Moment of Truth

Zero moment of truth, refers to the moment when the user researches, searches, compares and informs himself online to make a certain purchase decision.


Optical zoom is a type of lens that increases or decreases the magnification of the image. Thanks to the technology, we are able to zoom in on touch screens, interacting with two or more fingers at once, on one screen.

So far our complete glossary of digital marketing terms

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