Data Visualization and Dashboards

Data visualization is an information and data graphic representation. By using visual elements, such as graphs and maps, data visualization offers an accessible way to detect and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in the data. In the era of big data, tools and data visualization technology are essential to analyze massive amounts of information and make decisions based on data.

¿How do we work Data Visualization with Dashboards?

Companies are considering even more the data visualization for decision making.

Using data visualization tools in business environments allows data analysts to detect trends, correct deviations and investigate with different data sets to detect trends and predict behaviors.

Visualizing information easily and quickly, identifying where we need to focus our efforts, makes our actions more effective is crucial in the digital era.

The current data visualization tools allow the business user to cross different information sources, contributing new visions and creating knowledge about how the business evolves and what is the result of our actions.

At CROnuts we are specialized in planning and building platforms that allow different teams to relate information and work as a team for the company benefit. We provide solutions that facilitate strategic monitoring with scorecards, we define the main performance indicators (KPI), integral scorecard and long-term reporting. We provide our proactive alert systems that notify the right person, at the right time, to execute the necessary corrective actions.

Data visualization tools that we use in CROnuts require very little support from the IT department. Business users can create their dashboards to visualize information and execute ad-hoc reports, this allows access to use analytical tools and make decisions based on data, the success of them will depend on the quality of the data collected and of the effectiveness of its analysis and interpretation. Data-based actions allow us to take preventive actions before the occurrence of negative events or the risks of materializing.

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