A good digital analytics plan will help you know what is important, where to start and what to focus on. With a good measurement plan you can know how to identify success or failure and how to connect your business objectives with your data. What are you waiting on developing yours?

Performance analysis of our online business

How to create a Digital Measurement plan?


The first step is to identify the business objectives: of our clients, to assess whether they are relevant, attainable and measurable.

The intention is to contrast business objectives with market data and sector metrics.

The second step is to identify the key performance indicators or KPIs.

The third step is to establish the parameters that will determine that we have succeeded for each of the KPIs.

Finally, the fourth step is to identify the segments of people / behavior / results that we will analyze to understand why we succeed or fail.

As an example.

  • First step: 3% online sales growth for this calendar year.
  • Second step: website visitors, average ticket and conversion rate.
  • Third step: increase the conversion rate by at least 5% and keep the average ticket and visitors.
  • Fourth step: weekly monitoring of these metrics. Identify how they evolve and find the specific reason for the variations through the analysis of visitor behavior on the website, traffic sources, the attribution model, the price of products, etc … In this step it is key Lean on a data analyst. Our digital analytics team will provide you with the help you need.

Fundamentals of the plan

The measurement model will focus on three key areas

1. Acquisition

How do you anticipate the acquisition of traffic for your website or digital asset? Do you cover the three components of a successful acquisition: earned, owned and paid media? How would you prioritize each one? Where do you spend most of your efforts?

2. Behavior

What is the behavior you expect when visitors arrive? What pages should they see? What videos should they watch? Should they visit you repeatedly? Are there certain actions you should take? Are you providing an optimal customer experience?

3. Results

What results add value to the business objectives? A download? A phone call to your call center? A qualified lead? Are people buying your product / services? A conversion rate of 95%? An increase of 10 points in brand perception?

medición digital
medición digital

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Digital Analytics

We help you define a measurement plan with which to rate and quantify all your actions and KPIs to grow your business.

Diseño y desarrollo Web​

Technical Implementation of digital Analytics

We help you identify data that adds value to your business model to evaluate the performance of your digital strategy.

Dashboards y Visualización de Datos

Dashboards and data visualization

We help you analyze large amounts of information, define objectives and make business decisions based on real data.

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