Digital measurement plan

A proper digital measurement plan will help you identify the KPIs that matter, understand where to start and what to focus on. With a good digital measurement plan you can know how to identify success or failure and how to connect your business objectives with your data - what are you waiting for to develop yours?

Real-time data-driven business decisions

How do we create your digital measurement plan?

First step: to identify our clients’ business objectives, to assess whether they are relevant, achievable and measurable. The intention is to check the business objectives against market data and industry metrics.
Second step: to identify the key indicators or KPIs to effectively measure the profitability of the business.
Third step: to establish the parameters that will determine success for each of the KPIs so that they can be visually tracked.
Fourth step: identify the segments we will analyse to understand why we succeed or fail. This allows us to iterate with confidence.

Data-driven decisions

The digital measurement model will focus on three key areas

We design and implement Dashboards to help you make smart, data-driven business decisions whatever your position is within the company.

1. Acquisition

How do you anticipate acquiring traffic to your website or digital asset? Do you cover all three components of successful acquisition: earned, owned and paid media? How would you prioritise each? Where do you spend most of your efforts?

2. Behaviour

What is the behaviour you expect when visitors arrive? What pages should they view? What videos should they watch? Should they visit you repeatedly? Are there certain actions they should take? Are you providing optimal experience to each customer?

3. Results

What results bring value to the business objectives? A download? A phone call to your call centre? A qualified lead? People buying your product/services? A 95% conversion rate? A 10 point increase in brand awareness?


  • Step 1: online channel sales growth of 3% for this calendar year.
  • Step 2: website visitors, average ticket and conversion rate.
  • Step three: increase conversion rate by at least 5% and maintain average ticket and visitors.
  • Step 4: monitor these metrics on a weekly basis. Identify how they evolve and find the specific reason for variations through analysis of user behaviour on the website, traffic sources, attribution model, product pricing, etc… In this step it is key to rely on a data analyst. Our digital analytics team will provide you with the help you need.

Try this example dashboard with real time data


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