Digital Measurement PLAn

A good digital analytics plan will help you know what is important, where to start, and what to focus on. With a good measurement plan, you can learn to identify success or failure and to connect your business objectives with your data. What are you waiting on to develop yours?

¿How do we create a Digital Measurement Plan?

The first step is to identify our clients’ business objectives and to determine if they are relevant, attainable, and measurable. The client’s management team plays a key role in this step. The goal is to contrast the business objectives with the market data and metrics of the sector.

The second step is to identify key performance indicators or KPIs.

The third step is to establish the parameters that will determine if we have succeeded in each of the KPIs.

Finally, the fourth step is to identify the segments of people / behavior / results that we will analyze to understand why we succeed or fail.

For example:

  • First step: online sales growth of 3% for this calendar year.
  • Second step: website traffic, average ticket, and conversion rate.
  • Third step: increase conversion rate by at least 5% while maintaining traffic and average ticket.
  • Fourth step: weekly monitoring of these metrics. Identify how they change and find the specific motive of the variations through the behavior analysis of the visitors on the website, the traffic sources, the attribution model, the price of the products, etc. . . In this step, it is key to use a data analyst. Our digital analytics team will provide you with the help you need.

The measurement model will focuss on three key areas

1. Acquisition

How do you anticipate the traffic acquisition for your website or digital asset? Are the three components covered for a successful acquisition: earned, owned and paid means? How would you prioritize each one? what are spending the largest portion of your efforts?

2. Behavior

What behavior do you expect when visitors arrive? What pages should they see? What videos should they watch? Should they visit you repeatedly? Are there certain actions that you should take? Are you providing an optimal experience for a client?

3. Results

What results add value to business objectives? A download? A phone call to your call center? A qualified lead? Are people buying your product/services? A 95% conversion rate? An rise up to 10 points in the brand perception?

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