Technical Implementation of Digital Analytics

Each digital asset has to be correctly structured to be able to effectively measure the achievement of the different objectives that define the success of our business. We can help you to improve the configuration of these objectives. Besides, we can plan a new implementation process from scratch so that you are able to make decisions based on accurate data.

we analyze your business metrics

How do we set up
technical implementation for
proper Digital Analytics?


We help you identify data that add value to your business model to evaluate the performance of your digital strategy. Knowing how to extract and interpret these data is key to optimize the profitability of any digital business.

Identifying what we call mini-conversions along the conversion funnel is crucial to validate that the steps you take are going in the right direction.

On the other hand, it is important to know which channels are the most relevant when it comes to achieving a conversion.

First contact with a customer thanks to awareness campaigns on Social Networks? A second contact when the customer has found us in the first position through a generic search, thanks to organic positioning? The remarketing campaigns? Which channel should the conversion be attributed to? Which channel can you stop investing in?

All these questions have an answer thanks to the digital environment where everything is measurable. However, you need a correct technical implementation to be able to make the right decisions. We use tools such as Google Tag Manager and Analytics which our clients can access and obtain real-time information about the state of their business.


What could Digital Analytics mean for your business?

We look at web traffic and measure conversions, as well as the set of channels to which the conversion is attributed. We also track and analyze data from each channel, such as your PPC strategy, SEO, SEM, Display Ads and social media efforts. By getting a 360-degree view, we can optimize your digital marketing campaigns, and above all, keep you informed on what the next steps are to optimize ROI.

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What else can we do for you?

Digital Analytics

We help you empower your business by identifying actionable insights about your consumer, industry, products and regions based on real-time and accurate data.

Digital Measurement Plan

A good digital analytics plan will help you know what is important, where to start and what to focus on.

Dashboards and Data Visualization

We help you analyze large amounts of information, define objectives and make business decisions based on real data.

Do you want to implement Digital Analytics Techniques?

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