Digital Strategy

The technological ecosystem is increasingly complex and wider. On a daily basis, startups are rethinking the classic business models. In CROnuts we help companies to understand what the technological framework is and how to position themselves to boost their businesses, taking full advantage of the digital channel.

Planning the actions of your business

How do we energize business through digital strategy?


In CROnuts we analyze technological disruption throughout the entire value chain and design a custom implementation plan. In this way, and to give our customers the guarantee of the quality of our services, we have a team with a long history in digital strategy.

The main business drivers according to the applied practices our clients have been:

Create digital platforms for the best interactions with suppliers and customers

Cost reduction through IOT

Go from selling products to services

Use the Ecommerce channel itself as a platform for selling second-hand items

Depending on the type of business, one area will become more relevant with respect to another. For example, in companies a logistics operator will want to make its network as optimal as possible for this IOT or digital platforms will be agents to take into account. On the other hand, a retailer may think about trying to provide a service instead of selling a product or creating a second-hand sales channel for its own products.

In any case, whatever area your business model needs to enhance, the common denominator is that thanks to a good digital strategy you can get to better use your resources and increase sales.

Adjusting to your needs

We adapt to your preferences

Depending on the requirements and needs of our customers, we enhance the appropriate area.

In this way, we start with a proof of concept that can be representative for the business and easily scalable.

The objective is to ensure that the strategy is valid:

By defining the corresponding KPIs

The corresponding monitoring and analysis of results

Costs and economic return of a possible expansion to other business areas are estimated


360º Digital Agency

What else can we do for you?

Diseño y desarrollo Web​

Web Design And Development​

We design scalable websites with a high level of usability and focused on conversion so that you achieve your goals.

Diseño UX/UI

UX / UI design

Focused on innovation, we prioritize functionality over design. To create digital products that attract, delight and maintain your customers.



An effective conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy will convert a higher percentage of your website visitors into customers.

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