Amazon inventory management

In Cronuts we help you sell more on Amazon by managing and optimizing digital marketing according to your brand objectives

Marketing inventory on Amazon

Why let Cronuts handle the entire sales process on Amazon?


There are many benefits for producers and brand owners.

The first and most obvious is to get rid of the risk of being exposed to a digital sales channel, the lack of specific knowledge of the channel within the company leads in most cases to not getting the maximum return and selling much less than what It could really be selling.

In Cronuts we previously bought the inventory and subsequently sold it on Amazon. In other words, we assume the risk of not selling the products.

This implies including one more intermediary in the supply chain, however in consideration this guarantees a greater volume of sales, since it will be experts dedicated to Amazon who will watch over the interests of the brands. In other words, Cronuts ends up being your digital distributor dedicated to marketplaces.

Suitable companies to sell with Cronuts

Which companies are the most suitable to collaborate with Cronuts letting us manage their Inventory?

Ideally producers and manufacturers, although there are also some type of distributors that do not have the internal capacity to properly develop the digital channel and properly manage a high volume of listings, advertisements or variations.

If you believe that your internal structure is not prepared to sell on Amazon and other marketplaces because you do not have specialized personnel to deal with the digital channel, contact us to see if your product meets the conditions to be a supplier of Cronuts


Differentiating ourselves from the competition

Our Inventory Management Services at Amazon

Partnering with Cronuts can make you totally forget about doing any kind of management with Amazon and other marketplaces.
We have different ways of working with manufacturers and producers:

Inventory Management Services

Providing Services to Producers

One of them is providing services so that the producers themselves have the ability to sell more through Amazon. Some examples may be managing marketing campaigns for them, brand protection services, among others. If you want to check all the services we do visit our Services Page.


Inventory Management Services

Buying directly from producers

Another way we have to collaborate with producers is by directly buying their inventory and managing it ourselves with Amazon and other marketplaces.


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What else can we do for you?

optimización de amazon listings

Amazon inventory management

Product listings creation, search optimization and conversion.

Customer service with Amazon

Team of specialized consultants with experience in customer service at Amazon.

Marketing campaign management at Amazon

Campaign creation and configuration, optimization and measurement, audience definition and results monitoring.

Seo posicionamiento organico en buscadores

Content management on Amazon

Total management transparency with access from your Amazon account and without commitment of permanence.

Expansion and internationalization of sales at Amazon

We analyze and define with you your internationalization strategy for your products on Amazon.

Analytics and reporting on Amazon

Latest technology that allows us to perform optimizations and reports with the greatest precision.

Seo posicionamiento organico en buscadores

Amazon brand protection

We help our clients identify and eliminate trademark and copyright infringers


Optimization and positioning in Amazon

Customized service with administration, SEO and advertising management with Amazon.

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