Marketing campaign management at Amazon

There are more and more competitors on Amazon, more sellers struggling to get the notoriety of the user. This implies that it is no longer enough to upload products to Amazon and wait for sales to fall. You need an elaborate job when choosing the keywords for which you want your ad to appear in searches.

Managing Marketing Campaigns on Amazon

Why let cronuts.Digital handle the marketing campaigns at Amazon?


As in Google, you need to position your ads correctly so that they have more chances of appearing ahead of your competitors. This is achieved by doing an analysis of the competition’s ads, a keyword analysis and a consistent preparation of the ad.

Despite having elaborate and optimized ads, you may not be getting all the sales you would like. This may be due to several factors, such as the lack of customer opinions about your products. There are several ways to get visibility, one of them is the realization of payment campaigns to promote your products and appear ahead of your competitors.

Partnering with Cronuts.Digital can make you totally forget about doing any kind of management with Amazon and other marketplaces.
We have different ways of working with manufacturers and producers.

If your ads are already optimized and you have doubts about whether you could get more sales by making certain payment campaigns, contact us. With the resources you have available, we will design a marketing plan and an optician where we will specify the payment campaigns we will carry out to maximize your sales on digital channels.

Advertise in amazon

What are the best practices to advertise on Amazon and stand out?

There are several ways to advertise on Amazon, the best known are Pay Per Click campaigns. The types of payment campaigns you can do on Amazon are the following:

Sponsored products

Sponsored Display Ads

Sponsored brands or header search

The question that many brands ask is which campaign is the most convenient for each type of product. Also when launching campaigns it is necessary to be familiar with the platform that encompasses this type of services. Each of the campaigns pursues different objectives. If the user is already looking for the type of product we are selling, it will not be necessary to make any kind of advertising efforts to publicize the product and create the need for the user and therefore it will be necessary to launch a specific type of campaigns. To know more about the keys to sell on Amazon you can download our definitive Guide. How to launch advertising campaigns on Amazon.

Additionally, apart from considering campaigning on Amazon within the same platform, there is the possibility of launching advertising campaigns on external channels such as Social Networks and sending traffic to your ads. This will make the Amazon algorithm better position your products. As experts in digital marketing we can also accompany you in the process. This is still another strategy within your digital marketing plan to increase your sales.


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