We perform an analysis of all traffic sources in your website and optimize those that can have a higher impact on your business objectives

¿How do we perform traffic optimization?

Traffic optimization can be performed in two different ways. By (1) payment methods, as can be paid campaign optimization as for example


Furthermore you can also attract traffic to your website through (2) organic media, such as a good content strategy and its optimization, as for example SEO techniques

1) Paid Media

There is a wide variety of platforms and methods to show paid ads throughout the digital ecosystem. The key is to know how to properly identify where is your target audience. Your audience may be young and you may spend most of your time on social networks and therefore do not often visit Google. In this case, the focus would be on social networks, specifically those where your audience is more active. However, any payment strategy should be focused on platforms where your audience is most active. “You are simply another person with opinion without data”

This phrase pronounced by Edwards Deming is part of our DNA. In fact, the success of any data campaign lies in performed data and interpretation. 10 years ago the advertising agencies had marketing and advertising gurus that had a great vision to know the contents that would have a greater impact on the market. However, today, thanks to technology, we know what kind of content works and what content does not work. We are NOT gurus with a crystal ball. We test and if the results are not optimal we modify contents until the market validates our proposal.

If a digital marketing agency or consultant tells you that there is a certain content, platform, or strategy that “KNOWS” that it will work … Be carefully! They don’t have the answer, is he market, and it is changing and dynamic. This implies that an advertising proposal that works now, may be within 1 or 2 years it stops working, especially considering speed that advertising platforms evolve.

The main benefits of paid campaigns are the following:


  • They have an almost instantaneous impact
  • They can send immediate and constant traffic to your website
  • Allow campaigns to be tested and optimized
  • Gives your brand a great scope and exposure
  • Guarantee your ads match with relevant search queries
  • They allow precise tracking

2) Organic methods

It is absolutely essential to have a content strategy that is attractive to your potential customers to be able to capture traffic through organic means. There is a great lack of knowledge regarding the strategies that should be followed by organic means. Some of typical errors are, (a) create content that attracts traffic that does not correspond to your target (b) create attractive content, but obviate the technical SEO that allows Google spiders to read, understand the content and index it ( c) Content duplication that Google penalizes. In addition to many other errors.

Therefore, if you want to work with organic media, we recommend besides surrounding yourself with creatives who help you to create content, you should be advised by expert SEO consultants.

Here we make a small parenthesis. In case you are not clear about what is SEO or Search Engine Optimization, it is the process of achieving, improving and maintaining the visibility of a digital asset (for example, a website, a Facebook page, a YouTube video) within Organic or algorithmically determined search results from search engines.

Some of its benefits are:

  • Increase traffic, notoriety of your brand and consequently the sales of your company.
  • Results start to get noticed over time, but it is more durable than paid campaigns.
  • It allows you to show yourself as a reference within your industry or sector.
  • Generate confidence to your customers

Algorithmic updates of search engines are part of organic SEO in constant evolution. As a result, it is increasingly difficult for companies to keep up with the digital curve and therefore it requires an expert support and assistance.

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