We are experts in optimizing product catalog campaigns on Google Shopping in our own ecommerce.

¿How do we work on Google Shopping and Ecommerce?

Shopping campaigns allow you to advertise specific products in the form of a list of product ads. Product Listing Ads, or PLA, are an effective way to display your products on Google and Bing to generate qualified traffic. PLAs can include an image of the product, title, price, extensions, promotions, and your domain name.

Benefits of using Shopping or buying campaigns

  • More traffic and sales: Many of our customers experience significantly higher click through rates (CTR) on PLAs compared to text ads that are displayed on the same search engine results page. The conversion rates are also usually higher because the visual nature of photos and the prices on the first search page make the user experience much more pleasant.
  • More Quialified Traffic: we can increase the traffic quality of your website by including specific calls to action to products in your ads. This increases the possibility that buyers will click on your ad and therefore will end up making a transaction.
  • Increased Exposure: PLAs is showed on a search results page with a text ad on the same website. It is also possible to show up to eight PLAs for one site at the same time, for maximizing your brand exposure. This is the only way that your website can appear in more than one ad in the same search on Google.
  • Need for competing: PLAs are such a successful ad format that most searches to products related have PLAs on search engine results pages. This reduces the amount of space available for traditional text ads, it makes even more difficult for e-commerce websites to compete with text ads only.

A Good Shopping Campaign start with great feed of products

In order to have a Shopping Campaign really excellent, you would need an excellent product feed. Shopping campaigns with investment that go beyond the standard search solutions, it’s even more important than ever to have a source optimization solution in place.

A typical case of success we find is e-commerce websites beginning to transfer part of the available budget they have from search campaigns to Shopping campaigns. This has a direct impact on the business, increasing significantly the conversion rate.

The Bing Opportunity

Bing Ads launched first time its range of Shopping services in fall of 2015 with Bing Product Ads. We have also seen some fantastic results for our customers in this search engine. It seems that the inventory of Google is unlimited, however we can verify that for advertising budgets very high to invest a small percentage in this platform could end pretty profitable.

Access to other plataforms

To further increase competitiveness in the higher volume ecommerce sector, we work with other types of external suppliers, such as Criteo, highly specialized companies in ecommerce campaigns that generate personalized dynamic banners based on the user’s browsing profile.

And in fact that combining shopping campaigns with remarketing campaigns with dynamic product banners is a highly recommended technique for any ecommerce.

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