We are experts on optimization of yours catalogue or listings ads for your products in the Marketplaces for they to appear in the first place before other generic researches.

¿How do we optimize your catalogue in the marketplaces?

The ecommerce increaingly will lose prominence in before specialized marketplaces. Marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay, are the main source of electronic commerce on the internet. They are websites that ease shopping and selling of many retailers and wholesalers.

The growth of marketplaces

The fast growth of e-commerce, brands are betting even more on selling their items through marketplaces and to boost the distribution channels from this way within the online channel. The marketplaces are an ideal channel for users, since they have available a wide variety of products of different brands and prices that provide a comprehensive shopping experience.

Including your sales of your products to marketplaces can dramatically increase your e-commerce business as it offers immediate access to a large customer base by introducing you to new customers who would not otherwise have discovered your brand. Amazon and eBay both combined have hundreds of millions of active buyers, and Amazon is taking over the market with its growing market share in the electronic commerce environment.

What we can do

At CROnuts, we take stress out of having to advertise your products in any marketplace. Knowing the specifications of each marketplace to optimize the ads and that appear when a customer makes a generic product search is increasingly complex and there is increasing competition. Therefore, we will ensure that your product catalog is fully optimized and updated regularly to increase your performance and generate revenue on an ongoing basis.

Some brands beginning in electronic commerce see Amazon as a competitor, however they are highly wrong. It is completely necessary to consider the marketplaces as an additional distribution channel in your online strategy. The reasons are these:

  • Installed user base: The marketplaces receive millions of visitors every day and perform generic searches on them. Working to be well positioned on the results page when clients make such searches is a key issue.
  • Higher volume: While it is true that selling through a third party reduces the profits margin due to the commission that must be paid to Amazon for each sale, the benefits of obtaining a larger volume are much higher. Selling in marketplaces increases the notoriety of the brand at the expense of the contribution margin of each sale. If you want to get the same level of notoriety in the short term you should invest large amounts of money in paid media such as SEM,Display campaigns or Social Networks. Getting an increase in the advertising budget in exchange for promises of short-term returns is something that marketing managers know the complexity involved. Whereby, it is much less risky to place the product in the catalog of a marketplace.
  • Clients Feedback: it has very positive synergies for the brand to have the product in a marketplace, as it allows customers to share the product feedback that you sell. This is undoubtedly an asset for the company, that generates much more reliability than the customers feedback that a brand incorporates into its own ecommerce.
  • Trust: especially for brands looking for being known in a specific market, the marketplace generates much more confidence in the user than an ecommerce brand that doesn’t know. Thus, the conversion rate will be much higher in the marketplace than in the website itself.
  • Indirect Payment Campaigns: If the products you sell in the marketplace have a certain volume of sales, it is likely that Amazon will start making campaigns to pay you for your products and your brand, both for SEM, Shopping and Display Remarketing. In case of the SEM campaigns by the domain authority you will see that Amazon will probably appear before your own brand in the search results. Do not worry, do not be tempted to increase your bid in the campaign to appear before them in the search results. Otherwise, enjoy seeing how you are advertising your products and your brand gets more notoriety.

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