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We improve PPC or Search Campaigns with our iterative process of launching and optimization. We can help you achieve the best results for your investment and maximize the ROI of all campaigns.

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How do we work the SEM or PPC?


One of the biggest advantages of search engine optimization and pay per click (PPC) is the ability to make changes to a campaign and see the impact in real time, allowing you to continue testing and optimizing your performance.

Know what to change when and how it is vital for any company that manages PPC campaigns. Pay per click optimization (PPC optimization) is half art, half science. It requires data, the more, the better, but it also requires intuition and experience where there is not enough data to make sound decisions, along with time, patience and obviously budget to experiment.

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving business results, we know that a good strategy is important. We understand that evaluating your competitors online is a key search marketing activity. The positioning of our advertisers depends on the level of competition of the keywords for which they bid up and the mode of the bid up, among other factors.

This will allow you to identify your market position, compare your performance with your competitors and learn from successful (and failed) tactics to improve your own campaigns.

To make sure you make the most of your strategy, we look at the content within the ads, the season and market trends.

The ultimate goal of all ads is to convert, therefore, as part of our continuous services, we track all conversions and record them.

We monitor convertions in order to:

  • Identify the return on your investment and where you get the most return on your investment.
  • Find out which keywords, ad groups and campaigns are most profitable.
  • Try various ads, keywords, landing pages and offers.
  • Test new ads and conversion pages effectively and quickly.

As confessed PPC fanatics, there is nothing we don’t know about paid search optimization. As part of your strategy, we can monitor your campaigns daily and perform our analysis to optimize the campaigns in such a way that we ensure paid search quality to ensure that your account reaches its full potential.

Nowadays there are many agencies who claim they are dedicated to searching for payment and the launching of campaigns, however the PPC goes far beyond launching campaigns and leaving them active for days. It is absolutely essential to make changes and a detailed analysis of the ads that receive more clicks.

Our Competitive Advantatge

¿What makes us different?

Our team in charge of the optimization of PPC campaigns is made up of both computer scientists and analysts with many years of experience . Our process of launching and optimizing PPC search campaigns can be defined in the following steps:


Planning Our Actions

Strategy Optimization

Strategy shouldn’t be only considered at the beginning of a project; We regularly review business objectives to proactively determine whether we should adjust the previously defined strategy. This may be that we rethink expanding campaigns to new channels or deciding to focus on another target audience. The strategies are optimized in vital areas such as the determination of keywords, seasonal and market trends, always taking into account the attribution in achieving conversions.


Make Your Budget Profitable

Data-based investment optimization

We make advertising investment decisions exclusively based on data instead of personal opinions. Data-based investment optimization is part of our DNA, we are data experts.

Our PPC specialists have developed a large number of tools to help make data analysis more efficient. As with the rest of the technology, we are continuously adapting to changes in search engine algorithms, measuring predictions with respect to actual performance. This feedback process ensures that we achieve the best final results.

Continuous Monitoring

Optimization Through Testing

We continually test to ensure that active ads are optimal. This is carried out through extensive advertising analysis, landing page analysis and more, we can break up campaigns, study them and rejoin them with improvements. We combine this with our data analysis skills to ensure that all tests are carried out with statistical significance, such as following a process similar to that of CRO.


Working On Campaign Creation

Creativity Optimization

Often forgotten, creativity is a vital part of any well-managed paid search campaign. A creative spark can have an impact on the CTR that no amount of data analysis can provide. To do this in our test, we test creative claims that can make a difference.

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We help you improve your search engine positioning.

Display Ads

Display Ads

Selecting the network, or combination of networks, in which your banner ads will appear is a crucial part of your display strategy and the key to achieving your business goals.



An effective conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy will convert a higher percentage of your website visitors into customers.

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