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How do we work with SEM or PPC?

One of the biggest advantages of search engine optimisation and pay-per-click (PPC) is the ability to make changes to a campaign and see the impact in real time, allowing you to keep testing and optimising its performance.

Pay-per-click (PPC) optimisation

Knowing what to change, when and how is vital for any company managing PPC campaigns. Pay-per-click optimisation (PPC optimisation) is part art, part science. It requires a lots of data, but it also demands intuition and experience where there isn’t enough data to make good decisions, along with time, patience and obviously budget to experiment. As self-confessed PPC geeks, there’s nothing we don’t know about paid search optimisation. As part of your strategy, we can monitor your campaigns on a daily basis and perform our analysis to optimise campaigns in such a way that we ensure paid search quality to guarantee your account reaches its full potential. There are many agencies today that claim to be dedicated to paid search and launching campaigns, however PPC is much more than just launching campaigns and leaving them running for days.

Well-defined strategy

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving business performance, we know that good strategy is important. We understand that evaluating your online competitors is a key search marketing activity. The positioning of our advertisers depends on the level of competition for the keywords being bid on and the method of bidding, among other factors. This will allow you to identify your position in the market, compare your performance with your competitors and learn from successful (and unsuccessful) tactics to improve your own campaigns. To make sure you get the most out of your strategy, we look at content within ads, seasonality and market trends.

Conversion tracking

The ultimate goal of all ads is to convert, so as part of our ongoing services we track and record all conversions. We do this because tracking allows us to:
  • Identify your return on investment (ROI) and where you get the best return on your investment.
  • Discover which keywords, ad groups and campaigns are most profitable.
  • Test multiple ads, keywords, landing pages and bids.
  • Test new ads and conversion pages effectively and quickly.
  • It is absolutely essential to make changes and a detailed analysis of the ads that receive the most clicks.

Distinguishing ourselves from competitors

What do we offer that is different from other agencies?

The team that carries out the process of launching and optimising PPC campaigns is made up of both IT specialists and analysts with years of experience in the PPC sector, all of whom are passionate about PPC. Our process of launching and optimising PPC search campaigns can be defined in different sections.

Planning our actions

Strategy optimization

Strategy is not just something to consider at the start of a project; we regularly review business objectives to proactively determine whether we need to adjust the previously defined strategy. This may mean we rethink expanding campaigns to new channels or decide to focus on a different target audience. Strategies are optimised in vital areas such as keyword targeting, seasonal and market trends, always keeping in mind attribution in achieving conversions.

Get the most out of your budget

Data-driven investment optimisation

We make advertising investment decisions based on data, not hunches. Data-driven investment optimisation is part of our DNA – we are data experts. Our PPC specialists have developed a host of tools to help make data analysis more efficient. As with all other technology, we are constantly adapting to changes in search engine algorithms, measuring predictions against actual performance. This feedback process ensures that we achieve the best end results.

Constant monitoring

Test optimisation

We perform ongoing testing to ensure that active ads are optimal. We do this through extensive ad analysis, landing page analysis and more, we can strip down campaigns, study them and put them back together with improvements. We combine this with our data analysis skills to ensure that all testing is carried out with statistical significance, such following a similar process to CRO.

Creating the campaigns

Optimisation of artworks

Often overlooked, creativity is a vital part of any well-managed paid search campaign. A creative spark can have an impact on click-through rates that no amount of data analysis can provide. So in our test, we test creative claims that can make a difference.


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