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Whatever your business objectives, Social Networks are a fundamental part of the long-term communication strategy of your business. There are currently two ways to get notoriety and traffic to your website through Social Networks. In CROnuts we are experts in both modalities of growing your brand in digital media, we explain why.

The importance of Social Networks in your business

Why use social networks in your Digital strategy?


The launch of payment campaigns in Social Networks has become a key element in any digital marketing strategy in recent years. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn are used to complement other SEM and SEO strategies.

Currently the algorithms that social networks apply greatly limit the scope of organic publications, which is more necessary than ever to master payment campaigns in Social Networks.

The reason why in CROnuts we believe that any digital marketing strategy should consider Social Networks is that there is a large number of users connected daily consuming content.

This is a golden opportunity for any advertiser, whether sharing stories, ads or establishing a relationship with their potential customers and audiences.

Ways to attract your audience

Payment campaigns

Making paid advertisements or sponsored publications can be used for different purposes. Whether sending traffic to your profile pages or website or seeking direct conversion through product promotions, or increasing brand awareness, it all depends on the objectives pursued at each stage of the funnel conversion.

In any case, social media advertising is ideal to increase the visibility of your brand and reach your target audience thanks to the high segmentation capacity offered by these platforms. This allows you to reach a new base of untapped users, or strengthen the link with your current audience.

At CROnuts, we can act as a social media advertising agency by publishing content on your behalf. We will also review your general business objectives and your marketing strategy to determine the best methods to contact and interact with your target audience, either B2B or B2C.


Presence in Social Networks

What are the benefits of social media advertising?

The large amount of information that users share through social networks makes it possible to reach your target audience by creating almost personalized ads that are truly relevant and attractive.


Discover our Work Dynamics

How do we do it?

Once we have defined your objectives, we create a strategy that will help meet the KPIs that we will analyze to verify that the objectives are met. Next, we will work to define the criteria for targeting the audience and creating ads that have an impact and generate results. Your campaigns are continuously reviewed and perfected to maximize the performance of your budget.

The social networks we work with are the following: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.


Creating a Community

Organic Media

When we refer to organic media, we refer to the scope that content publications on brand profiles have over the audience, regardless of paid publications. In other words, the increase in the visibility of our brand without taking into account payment campaigns.

To get more traffic to your website through organic publications, their content is very important. The more relevant the content published to your audience, the more likely it is that it will be shared and commented.

It is important to keep in mind that the same strategy is not valid for all businesses. We have to select very well the social networks to which we want our brand to appear, it is not necessary to appear and create content for all existing social networks, moreover, it can be a complete time and resources dispense.

The key lies in identifying what social networks your audience is in and having the ability to segment it properly. Once this first step is completed, we develop the optimal strategy for your brand, defining both the segmentation of users you intend to reach, and the content that this audience expects to receive from you.

Our Work Methodology

How do we do it?

Por este motivo, una vez empezamos a trabajar con un nuevo cliente realizamos una (a) Auditoría de Redes Sociales, que incluye la escucha activa de la marca y los competidores clave. A partir de aquí, compartimos con el cliente un informe con las principales salvedades y oportunidades de posicionamiento social. Este informe constituye la pieza angular sobre el cual nuestro equipo crea un plan de acción para incrementar la notoriedad de la marca en redes sociales, lo que llamamos el (b) Plan de Crecimiento de la Audiencia.

El incremento de la notoriedad se establece definiendo objetivos claros de crecimiento en línea con el plan de crecimiento empresarial.

Llegados a este punto nuestro equipo se encarga de gestionar las redes sociales de nuestros clientes durante un período de transición a definir con el cliente en el cual se enseñan las pautas a nuestros clientes para que tengan la capacidad de auto gestionarse en el corto/medio plazo sus propias redes sociales con un plan de acción y unas guías claras sobre qué deben comunicar a su audiencia. En este proceso entregamos a nuestros clientes el (c) Informe de Consultoría de Posicionamiento Social.

Llegados a este punto, CROnuts pasa a ser un consultor en posicionamiento social, estableciendo reuniones mensuales con nuestros clientes para compartir los resultados de la monitorización de la marca, identificar oportunidades y si es preciso hacer los cambios oportunos en el plan de acción.


Keep up to date with your Networks

What does the initial Social Networks audit include?

The initial analysis that arises from the Audit of Social Networks that we make of your brand also includes:

Identification of channels on which its presence could be optimized.

Analysis of the coherence of the voice and tone used in all platforms, as well as through different media such as video, images and printing.

Frequency level, impact of publications and audience interaction.

A demographic analysis of your current social audience, compared to the target.

Active social listening about the mentions of the brand.

Analysis of key competitors, their audiences and social offer to identify any opportunity

Active listening allows us to identify conversations about your brand, along with the keywords identified through SEO research to help improve your positioning.

This is a continuous activity that feeds your social media strategy.

It also gives us a quantifiable understanding of the social reach of your brand: how many impressions were obtained, where they are talking about your brand, what keywords, who is talking, social sentiment, etc …

Increase your followers

What does the audience growth plan include?

Once we have analyzed the current situation through the Social Networks Audit, we will develop the Audience Growth Plan that includes:

Identification of platforms and opportunities.

Optimization of social channels to allow audiences to find your brand on social networks and within search engines.

Identification of appropriate interest groups, individuals and influencers: who to interact with and when.

How to maximize the use of social groups and circles.

Recommendations on the appropriate interaction to build trust and commitment

Consulting services are delivered through reports, calls and meetings when necessary (usually monthly or quarterly).

Project monitoring

What does the Social Positioning Consulting Report include?

Our Consulting Report identifies the key areas for the development of your brand’s social networks. The report focuses specifically on:

Creación y optimización de plataformas y canales sociales

Optimización de búsqueda orgánica de perfiles, publicaciones, títulos y descripciones.

Crecimiento continuo de la audiencia y fomento de las relaciones sociales por sectores / individuos.

Análisis del sentimiento social y desarrollo de la confianza y el compromiso.

Creation and optimization of platforms and social channels.

Organic search optimization of profiles, publications, titles and descriptions.

Continuous growth of the audience and promotion of social relations by sectors / individuals.

Analysis of social sentiment and development of trust and commitment.


Differentiating ourselves from Our Environment

Why choose us?

We understand Social Networks as a fundamental part of the long-term communication strategy of your business.

We develop a strategy taking into account your target audience.

We constantly communicate the progress and the strategy to follow with our clients.

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