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The creation of a website is a complicated process where many factors have to be considered. Nowadays, it is not enough to design attractive websites, you have to design useful, intuitive, well positioned websites that help you in order to achieve your business objectives.

Helping you design your webside

Our web design service


We combine both worlds, creative and technical in order improve the digital presence of your company through web design and development.

We take care of the image in the same way as the rest of the usability process.

It isn’t only about making your website stand out above the competitors, It is also about aligning the interface with the usability in order to get the best result at every moment of the user experience or UX.

We have a creative team specialized in the delivery of technical projects. Each of our experts has extensive experience in eCommerce and development of lead generation websites, mobile solutions and microsites.

The CROnuts creative design and development team is composed of digital designers, technical developers and UX experts.

In addition, as a CRO agency, when you choose to work with us, you also benefit from our specialists in organic search (SEO), paid search (SEM) and Convertion Rate  Optimization (CRO). 

For each project we will gather a unique team that will work collectively to help you achieve your business objectives. We believe that communication is the cornerstone of any successful development activity, which means that your Project Managers and Account Managers are the levers that give us the knowledge of the business.

The importance of the user experience

Why is web design based on user experience or UX vital?

In the current Mobile-First landscape and with searches made from upward mobile devices, choosing an agency that focuses on developing websites that work just as well in mobile devices and computers has never been more important. We build experiences with a high level of usability, which reinforce credibility, communicate key messages and convert visitors.


Scope and Discovery Phase

How we do it?

We start each of our projects with a discovery phase. This will involve a face-to-face meeting in order to obtain a complete understanding of your business, your market and your target audience, but most importantly, validate your business objectives and the requirements of your project.


Make your budget profitable

Briefing and specifications

Based on this information, we will formulate a summary of technical specifications necessary for the established objectives and will contain elements such as:

  • Website Framework
  • Web architecture
  • Functionalities 
  • Templates
  • Third party integrations
  • CMS Requirements
  • Keyword research and planning
  • Project timeline

Continuous monitoring

Design of the site architecture, wireframes and technical audit

Our team of digital designers will work closely with your Project and Account Manager to formulate wireframe designs for each part of the website, ensuring that your goals and brand guidelines adapt to each creativity. Our team will also provide a detailed description of the website architecture, showing our proposed strategy in terms of interface, usability and overall site structure.

Each prototype will then be audited by our technical experts to ensure that they have been designed in accordance with the best practices of SEO, PPC and CRO. It is at this stage that we use our knowledge and experience in digital marketing to provide you with the best possible platform from which to build your future online presence. Our designs will then be shared with you for review and approval.



Cost effective design solutions

Visual design and interactive prototypes

Once all wireframe designs have been approved as well as internal technical audits, our front-end developers will bring the designs to life. By using Adobe XD, our developers will transform static designs into interactive prototypes, all with live user transitions through different desktop, mobile and tablet devices. It is at this stage when we receive more feedback from our customers.

Continuous optimization

Website development and user testing

After the creation and approval of all templates, our developers will start building your website. Our project leaders will work closely with the rest of the team, supervising the construction and ensuring that the project fullfill all agreed deadlines and  initial planning.

Once the construction is completed, the test site will be analyzed by our search engine experts and CRO.

By combining our audit findings with customer feedback, we will make the necessary improvements to the website before the website is launched.


We ensure the best user experience

Website launch and user testing

The big day has arrived, the website has been completely reviewed, tested and approved by all parties. The next stage will be for our team to complete our Go Live process. We understand both, the complexity and the importance of this transition. A specialist designated for your project will work closely with the launch team to ensure that the process is completed in accordance with industry best practices.

After launch, our team will perform a series of checks to ensure that the website works as expected. As a result of this process, we will formulate an exhaustive registration of problems, approaching all areas with immediate effect.

360º Digital Agency

What else can we do for you?


Responsive web design

The design of a mobile website must be prepared to adapt to different operating systems (Android, iOS), screen dimensions or device types.

Diseño y desarrollo Web​

Web design with product catalog

Websites with digital catalogs are the best way to present the products of any company. They are usually grouped by brands or product categories, and contain the files of the products you want to sell.

Campañas SEM - PPC

WordPress CMS development

We design and develop custom WordPress. We work with a system that allows us to adapt it to the particular needs of each project.

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