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The ecommerce implementation or online store that are based on Shopify CMS technology has been very convenient for many companies by its numerous benefits it provides. The ease to edit and modify all the content is one of them. As it is so easy to use it also provide the opportunity to hypothesize, testing and iterate more quickly. This means a faster upsell of your products or services.

Build your ecommerce easily and quickly

Are you considering making your online store a professional store and adapted to the demands of online commerce?


Are you willing to pay 179 euros per month for having a professional online store?

Would you pay 29 euros per month for the basic plan that shopify provides?
Would you pay 14 euros a month for the starter plan, if you want to start in a simple way?
Would you be willing to try this platform or another of the multiple platforms available on the Internet?

Nosotros podemos proporcionarte claves para optimizar tu presencia en Internet y asegurar el éxito de tu tienda Online o ecommerce. 

You can start using Shopify on your own, or you can trust us and our experience. Do not hesitate and contact us without any compromise.

Why choose Shopify to develop your Ecommerce?


In the world of online commerce, the experience that our users have when they interact with our website, and therefore with our products, is crucial. If a user feels dissatisfied after browsing our website and especially after making a purchase, we have failed.

Shopify provides us with more than 100 template designs to choose from to develop our online store. These templates are free or paid, and take great care of professionalism and usability. In addition, it gives us the option to modify the appearance of it if we have knowledge of CSS and HTML.

Shopify allows us to include a blog within the store, images and photos of the products, as well as the integration of multiple tools with which to analyze and optimize our website, in order to improve the experience of our users and their capture.

Finally, shopify adapts to mobile devices, so important given the increasing number of customers who buy through their phones.


Why choose Shopify to develop your Ecommerce?


One of the main features of shopify is the ease it provides not only in its creation, but also in its maintenance.

You simply need to have your own domain and some products or services to sell in your online store. Once you have this, you need to subscribe to one of their plans and follow the steps to develop the store (it has a technical service, so do not worry if you have doubts before and during the process)

You do not need to worry about hosting or security updates, as these are integrated into their different plans.

Shopify has multiple secure payment systems, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, or Google Checkout among others

Indeed, since shopify was created in 2004, its creators have not stopped improving the services of the platform, periodically incorporating new features. Currently Shopify has a mobile application that allows us to control our store from it (communication with customers, suppliers, order tracking, etc.)

Not only can our customers pay via mobile, but also shopify has developed a new device that connects to smartphones and tablets, allowing payment in the physical store through this device.

Why choose Shopify to develop your Ecommerce?


One of the most outstanding features of Shopify is security. Its creators consider this factor as a fundamental factor, and therefore Shopify has:

Level 1 Certificate in accordance with PCI standards
And it uses 128-bit encryption to ensure that credit card information is secure.

The platform has the SSL (Secure Socker Layer) distinctive certificate, essential for online commercial transactions and each client also has a “Guru” that will assist us throughout the process of adapting our online store.

In addition, Shopify is responsible for tracking all orders and data of our customers, (data that is encrypted to prevent any theft of confidential information).

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