Web page design with product catalog

Websites with digital catalogs are the best way to present the products of any company.
They are usually grouped by brands or product categories, and contain the product sheets of the products you want to sell or receive purchase requests, and you can add all kinds of information to them, such as technical data in PDF format, tutorials in the form of video customized contact forms.

We design the space where to sell your products

How do we work with catalog web pages?

Product sheets.

The data sheets can include several pictures or videos, reference number or SKU, description and downloadable PDFs with technical characteristics. Our web catalogs always include a product search engine.

Available 24/7.

The advantage of digital catalogs over printed catalogs is that they are always updated and generate a better interaction with your prospects or customers. In addition, the web catalogs we implement are fully self-manageable, so you can update at any time the data of your products, or taxonomies (categories, tags or brands) easily and autonomously without the need to hire implementation days.

Social component.

One of the virtues of web catalogs is that their content can be easily shared on the main social networks to attract users. Likewise, we always incorporate elements in the form of “Call to Action” that encourage the visitor to contact the company: contact forms, call buttons or WhatsApp among others.


We have experience in linking web pages with ERP and CRM management tools, which would allow a synchronization of the web data with the company’s systems.

Responsive web design.

The digital catalogs we implement are accessible from all devices, from computer screens and TVs to tablets and smartphones.

our competitive advantage

A tailor-made web catalog

We design and program all your online catalogs to measure, using a dynamic installation of WordPress 100% custom. This allows us to create a scalable system where the web catalog can be managed in a very easy way by the client. This way there is no need to pay for development days every time you want to modify something.

The key to a good online product catalog is that the customer can easily find what he is looking for and understand very quickly what you offer.


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UX/UI Design

UX – User Experience We create minimalist usability and digital design proposals. We focus on understanding user needs and aligning them with your business objectives.

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