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Recent studies place the Smartphone as the main internet access device worldwide. In a context like this, having a web adapted for mobile phones becomes a vital factor for any online business. The design of a mobile website must be prepared to adapt to different operating systems (Android, iOS), screen resolutions or types of devices (smartphones, tablets or laptops).

Adapting to all devices, is adapting to the user and their navigation

What advantages does a responsive web design have?

Webs prepared for all devices: the main differential factor of responsive web design is its adaptability to computer screens, tablets, smartphones or TVs, among other digital media.

A better user experience: thanks to the content prepared for consultation from any device and the visual consistency it provides between these different media.

Little development time: the fact of not having several designs for each version, allows to dedicate less resources, both in the initial design phase and in the development and maintenance of the website.

The increase in performance: we are increasingly moving away from the paradigm in which online sales occur mostly on computers, since the responsive design allows the shopping experience to be almost identical both on desktop and mobile.

Positive impact on SEO: Google prioritizes the indexing of content adapted for mobile phones, reducing the pogo-sticking effect on the results pages or SERPS will have a positive impact on our positioning.

The design from the accessibility

What is a responsive web design?

It is about the layout and layout of the contents of a web page so that they adapt to the different devices (computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc.) from which you can access.

There are several factors that differentiate the interaction of a user with a mobile phone with a computer: The touch screen in front of peripherals such as the mouse and keyboard, the speed and stability of the internet connection, or the geolocation in which we use each device.

Therefore, the responsive design must be accompanied by an adequate approach to the user experience in the different types of screen, adapting the functionalities of the website for its correct use.

Adaptive responsive design is one of the points where search engines are currently set when determining the positioning of a web page.

It is a system that starts from the need to always guarantee perfect usability and operation regardless of the device being used and that makes a perfect adaptation, automatically changing appearance when detecting the device with which it is accessed.

Changes in sizes, of elements, in bars and a long etcetera arrive with the responsive design. A task that began with a difficult transition; but that now only provides facilities.


Adapt or lose

Why is a functional and visual responsive web design vital?

If you have a responsive website, you will not only be prepared to look good on all the devices that exist today, but you can also adapt to resolutions and screen types that do not yet exist.

Responsive web design offers an optimized experience for all users, regardless of the device they use, and that results in brand benefits.

According to Google Think Insights, if a user has a positive experience with your website, the chance of converting is 67%.

If you do not have a responsive website, you are losing positioning every time a user searches for you and leaving one of the best traffic sources aside.

In Spain, more than 20 million users access content from their smartphone or tablet and six out of ten have bought through these devices.

One in 2 users check the mobile in the first five minutes since it gets up and three out of 10 check the phone every ten minutes. In short, if your website is not properly adapted for mobile devices, you have a big problem.

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