Wireframes and prototypes

Wireframes, Prototypes and Mockups are tools that help us define the content and positions of the various blocks of your website or digital asset. They also allow us to test how these elements interact with each other.

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Advantages of using Wireframes, Usable Prototypes and Mockups

Quick and inexpensive to create

As they are schematic sketches they are quick to create and have a very low cost. This allows you to make multiple versions until you find the right one without any issues related to time or money.

Improved usability

Planning the structure and elements of the website in advance will allow you to offer better usability by having previously defined these elements instead of improvising on-the-go.

Simple improvements

In a short time you will be able to show the first Wireframes to friends, clients or review them yourself to identify improvements that can be made in the design, the positioning of the elements and the content structure.

Design from the ground up

What is a Wireframe?

A low-fidelity representation of a design. Its purpose is to communicate the structure of the design solution we are thinking about. It is recommended that they be in black and white so that the analysis focuses on the structural and not the content. Their copy content (text) and images may not yet be defined, but it is essential to have an idea of the space and hierarchy they would occupy. It is important that when analyzing a Wireframe we focus on these aspects and not on secondary issues such as colors, type of content, visual design of the interface. It is not recommended to invest too much time in them: the faster we do it, the faster we agree on what to actually build. If we invest too much time in detailing it, we will be wasting time, considering that the wireframe still has to undergo a lot of changes.
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Customized digital products

What is a Digital Mockup?

The representation of a hi-fi design solution. What is its purpose? To communicate and represent, in a static way, the structure, content, basic functionalities and graphic decisions of a design solution. The Mockup is built once we have agreed on the structure of our design solution, usually through the wireframe. It serves to communicate the visual decisions: the styles, the colors as well as the final view of the structure and its functionalities. In the final stages of a design there are several instances in which it is useful to communicate through a mockup:
  • In the testing and experimentation phase: either through a prototype or with the static image, it serves to collect feedback from our users.
  • When validating the solution with the rest of the team.
  • When you have to communicate the solution to the development team.

Monetize your budget with prototypes

What is a Usable Prototype?

It is a representation or simulation of the interactions that our digital product will have at design level. Its objective is to experiment, test and communicate user interactions in our UX/UI design proposal.
They can be made with both Wireframes and Mockups. There are several applications to try, one of our favorites is Adobe XD, but there are also Invision, Flinto, Origami and many more. The point is to find an application that suits your needs and time. Also, each application or website has different levels of interaction: the more complex they are, the more complex should be the program you use to emulate that interaction.
There are also many designers who know how to layout these solutions and prefer to test their own prototypes: any tool is useful, as long as you can represent the interaction you are looking for in your design as accurately as possible.

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