Factors influencing consumer behaviour

factores de la influencia en la conducta del consumidor
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Have you ever wondered what are the determining factors for consumers when it comes to making a purchasing action? Well, in the following video Eduard Vivar, one of the partners in CRONUTS DIGITAL, explains the 6 factors that we consider fundamental based on the book Influence the Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini, PH.D.

1. Reciprocity

The number one and most important factor: reciprocity. What does reciprocity mean? That when you receive something for free from a company or a brand, it is never in exchange for nothing; it is always in exchange for something. The company expects something from you. For example: free samples, free half-hour consultation or they allow you to use a search engine for free. It’s never free, there’s always a trade-off. The point is that from the consumer’s point of view we are clear about what that trade-off is and from the company’s point of view we try to provide a hook that is attractive enough for consumers to take that action.

2. Consistency

What do we mean by consistency? Well, on average, nowadays a consumer needs a brand, product or service, in the digital channel, to impact them at least six or seven times before making a purchase option. What would we expect at the top of the sales funnel? A more inspirational message not so much focused on our product or our service, but more focused on conversational territory that the customer might be interested in, such as health tips or, in the case of being selling a hand cream or makeup, beauty tips.

3. Social proof

If we see that a product or service has been consumed by many other people, we are more likely to close that sale. This is where Amazon reviews come from or Google My Business reviews that appear on Google. This process is the same as when we are walking down the street and we see a restaurant completely full, since there are many more probabilities of entering because we will think that if it is full it is because all those people have already validated and have done that validation exercise.

4. Familiarity or friendliness

If a product or service or its communication is sympathetic to us, whether through a sales agent, an Instagram account or a post that makes us laugh, that we find sympathetic, friendly or approachable, we are much more likely to have that inclination to consume towards that brand, product or service than not towards a different one.

5. Authority

We mean by authority that if a brand, product or service is presented with a lot of presence, a lot of strength within a sector or through influencers who have worldwide renown, this will give it a certain authority. Some examples, and here we could be a little more specific: companies that sell professional services, organize talks, seminars or distribute certain ebooks. This denotes a lot of authority within a sector.

6. Scarcity

Scarcity is undoubtedly an element to be taken into account. Scarcity generates a certain nervousness. For example, when airlines, companies or hotel booking platforms say that there are only X places available at the time you are consulting them.


Well, these have been the six factors of influence that you should take into account and incorporate into your communication strategy to convince your target audience. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

We will be happy to help you convince your potential customer!

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