A company dedicated to steel casting, especially in the railway sector, with more than 150 years of history, with very traditional methods of recruitment, decides to undertake an expansion and comprehensive transformation plan. Through the digitalisation of the sales channel, it manages to go from 0.5 proposals/month to 15 proposals/month, contributing significantly to sales.
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What did we do?


Situation and challenge




Our role, what we did



1. Situation and challenge

In terms of marketing and sales, the main ways of attracting customers were through word of mouth or by attending trade fairs and promoting themselves through flyers. At the same time, their suppliers in China and other companies started to compete with them in Europe by buying words on Google (SEM). The company’s entire digital image was outdated and did not convey the company’s renewed values. The company’s linkedin profile lacked activity and that of its sales people could be improved considerably.
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2. Objectives

  • Increase digital recruitment from 0.5 requests/month or RFQ (request for quotation) to 2 requests/month by increasing presence in the rail sector and expanding its solutions to other industries.
  • Create brand image and online positioning
  • Equipping the sales team with new sales tools.

3. Our role, what we did

There was little budget and we had to get there faster than the competition. It was decided to make a digital strategy plan focused on understanding where potential customers were. Analysing competitors and understanding the value proposition:
  • A new conversion-focused website was created. Taking into account the keywords to be positioned. Explaining its services and processes and highlighting the team behind it.
  • It was decided to bid for keywords (SEM) in European markets with the aim of not losing positioning and generating new traffic.
  • Monthly targets and a Linkedin workflow were defined to prospect potential clients.
  • The sales team was trained in social selling tools through the use of Sales Navigator and Linkedin helper 2 in order to prospect potential clients and achieve objectives. Once the connection request was accepted, the sales team could contact them and try to formalise a call. Different messages and interactions were experimented with. A workflow was also defined to consider all possible scenarios and to get the most out of them.


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4. Results

  • Digital recruitment increased to 15 enquiries/month, contributing significantly to sales.
  • Company profile on linkedin increased from 150 followers on the account to 800 followers

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