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informe de términos de búsqueda de Amazon
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Understanding what search terms customers are using to find your products is critical to your content and targeting strategy on Amazon, so it is important to make regular use of Amazon's search terms report.

The keywords in Amazon’s search terms report can and should be used to fuel the targeting you use for sponsored product and sponsored brand ads in your catalogue.

Here’s how you can find and use the Amazon Search Terms Report to help you identify which search terms are (and are not) driving traffic to your product listings.

For those of you who are familiar with Google Ads and have run search ads on Google or SEM, it would be a matter of knowing the search terms in the keyword section within your campaign in question. The reasoning behind it is very similar to the understanding that we are in a different channel such as Amazon, where conversion is much more likely due to all the advantages that Amazon provides to the customer.

The main reason why you want to get this kind of report is that it is real customer data. It’s not a theoretical search term that you’ve entered thinking about how customers are going to find you; it’s exactly what your customers have been searching for to find your products. Use it to feed your ads.

What is the Amazon Search Terms Report?

The Amazon Search Terms Report is a report that shows which search terms are being used by customers to find your products.

The report includes raw keyword data that can be attributed to specific ASINS if your report is segmented correctly.

This report includes:

  • Keyword targeting
  • Keyword match type
  • Customer search term used
  • Sales and conversion rate for that term during a specific period
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • Impressions
  • CPC
  • Spend

How to download the Amazon Search Terms Report

You can generate and download the Amazon search term report from Seller Central.

From the Seller Central home page:

  1. Select Reports from the top navigation bar.
  2. Select Advertising Reports from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the campaign, the report type, which in this case is search terms and the time period (more than 7 days is optimal)
  4. Select Create Report
  5. Download the report for your search terms from the right hand column.

How to use the Amazon Search Terms Report

We recommend that advertisers use the Search Terms Report as their primary source of keyword collection to expand your Amazon keyword research.

Third-party keywords can definitely add value to your campaigns, but should only be used as a supplemental tool to Sponsored Products data.

Amazon’s search term report data allows sellers to:

  • Verify which keywords are converting
  • Collect additional keywords
  • Optimise your content and keyword targeting strategy.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your search terms report.

  • Segmenting your catalogue to improve keyword attribution in the past, Amazon’s Search Term Report indicated the exact SKU of the product associated with that search term, which was extremely valuable information for advertisers. Unfortunately, Amazon no longer identifies which product is associated with the search term. For example, while sellers can still see in the report that the term “bitumen” is converting well, Amazon no longer identifies which SKU it is associated with, leaving many advertisers in the dark. We recommend building your campaign structure with only 1 SKU per ad group. We know that implementing this strategy can be costly, especially for catalogues that have a lot of SKUs. For example, if you have a catalogue of 500 SKUs, you should have 500 ad groups. By implementing this strategy, marketers can once again attribute the success of the term (example: “bitumen”) directly to the SKU purchased or clicked.
  • Get effective keywords for manual campaigns. It is pertinent to run the search term report after a minimum of 7 days, the reason being to get a sufficient amount of traffic and make data-driven decisions. As a minimum, we suggest running the report for at least the 7 day period although the longer the time range the more informed the strategy we should follow. Once you have collected enough data, it is time to select your keywords to translate into your manual campaigns. When analysing your search term report on sponsored products, you should view the raw data and filter it through an Excel sheet so you can play with and manipulate it. You should use the search term / ASIN data to create new manual campaigns using the most up to date keyword data.
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