¿How to get to know if your new website is USELESS

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Let’s think about you have a engineers and mechanics team and ask them to build a car for you with all the whims that you’ve always dreamed of.

The team of experts, after two weeks, comes back to you and let you know that they already have it and gives you what it appears to be the car of your dreams, beautiful, with color and rims that you had always wanted. However, they forget a small detail, the engine. This means that, they gave in your hands a USELESS car.

It would seem funny, well, this is what happens with most website redesign projects.

The agency designs a beautiful website externally, but functionally useless, without paying any attention to its functionality or conversion.

Many of our clients hire us for the first time to redefine the new functionally useless website their agency just designed them as they do not meet their business objectives but do not know why.

Normally, these errors are the result of work of traditional agencies that, due to the continuous demands of their clients, are offering digital services, however, they do not have the experience and vision sufficiently to lead a digital project. Apart from graphic designers, a new web page should be reviewed by experts in SEO, SEM, CRO and content. We could list many of these agencies, but we are not here to do that, but to teach you to detect when a web redesign project may fail.

How to correctly frame the design of a website?

We are talking about that the conversion must be worked from the first phase of the website design, it should not start working once we have the web running. It can be done but it usually results in much more work and most times it is more efficient to start over using a correct and efficient methodology. If you want to know how we work in CROnuts.digital, take a look at our web design and development service.

The conversion is the main objective of your website! So, you must keep it in mind at all times. If your website does not get users to convert, it is useless, and therefore we can say that it is USELESS.

The conversion rate optimization (CRO) is, therefore, when making a website good for doing what it was designed for. CRO is the central activity that designer should consider when designing it, but unfortunately, not all web designers are familiar with CRO.

The first symptoms to identify if your website is functionally useless are:

  • The conversion rate remains the same or worse than before, two weeks after launching.
  • A sudden drop in visitors due to a drop in search engine positioning or SEO. Not only has the conversion rate not improved, but the transition from the old page to the new website has lost positioning. This is because the fundamental aspects of SEO in the new design have not been considered.
  • You have to increase the bidding of SEM campaigns on the homepage to stay in the same position as before. This is because the loading time has increased, and this has reduced the quality and positioning of your website. Consequently, you must increase the bid to stay in the same position.

If you have just redesigned your website and experience some of these symptoms, it is sadly to communicate that your website has many numbers good for nothing. It would be best if you went back to the old design, before going to work on optimizing the conversion rate. In CROnuts.digital we offer a free web audit where we will analyze the faults of your digital asset to propose improvements without any commitment.

¿ How do we perform CRO correctly?

Of course, some companies understand the importance of conversion and, as expected, are working well. They focus obsessively on user experience and conversion.

The big technology companies like Amazon or Facebook are constantly working on the conversion and they are improving their websites on a daily basis and doing tests on already improved versions of their pages. If you need more information about specific techniques to work on the optimization of the CRO conversion rate you can consult the following article 101 techniques to increase the conversion.

Under the hood of any of the big technology companies there is a powerful conversion engine. There is also a team of engineers and mechanics who continually adjust that engine, constantly improving the user experience.

In our case, engineers and mechanics must be marketing specialists and designers who know how to accurately measure the results of their actions. The commercial talk that was done in the past is replaced by an exploration in search of improvement hypothesis and rigorous testing.

We are not inventing anything new, it is a system that works and can quickly position you as the leader of your sector beyond the reach of your competitors.

There are large companies that had a lot of potential but have ended up disappearing because their competitors have worked better to optimize the conversion rate. Some examples are Altavista and Myspace.

If your company you still base your decisions on the opinion of the marketing manager, your website can be like one of these beautiful cars without a motor. Successful companies measure their work to make sure they are growing. If you want to join them, read our free reports or ask for help.

The goal of your website is to increase your sales, don’t forget it.

¿What should I do now?

  1. If you have more questions and want to know how we work and the possibilities of improvement of CRO that your website has, request a first FREE analysis https://cronuts.digital/contacto/ and one of our consultants will contact you shortly to advise you.
  2. If you want to continue reporting on this topic and many more you can download our eBook on the basic fundamentals of the CRO to start optimizing the conversion rate in your digital business. You also have many other articles in our current blog where you will find references on this topic and many more.
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What should I do now?

If you have more questions and want to know how we work, contact us and one of our consultants will contact you for advice.

For further information on this and many other topics you can check out other articles in our blog where you will find references on this, and many more topics.

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