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I have been testing Inlytics for a couple of months as a tool to measure performance on Linkedin. I can say that I consider it one of the most complete and best free tools for Linkedin that allows you to:

  • Visualize macro data of followers, impressions, likes, and comments.
  • View the performance of each post
  • View the lifespan of each post
  • Schedule posts

If we go to, we will see that logging in is very simple. I recommend that you do it with the same email you use for Linkedin. This way, you will be able to link your account with the platform in a simple way.



Once inside, we see that the tool itself is divided into 2 large blocks:

  • Analyze
  • Schedule

Personal Account


It allows us to extract the most relevant data from our profile and activity over time. In fact, we can filter the timeframe we are interested in, in order to study our activity in the short, medium or long term. Within this block we can distinguish three subcategories that we see on the left side of the screen

  • Dashboard
  • Content Performance
  • Enhanced Profile Statistics


In this section you can see a dashboard with the most relevant metrics, which give you an idea of how your profile is evolving. The metrics in question are:

  • Post impressions: number of people who have seen your posts or articles in the selected period.
  • Reactions on your posts: people who have reacted to your posts through likes or applause, among others.
  • Comments on your posts: comments on your posts or articles.
  • Engagement rate: % of people who have interacted with your posts or articles.
  • Top Post: a section with the best performing posts.
  • Tips: recommendations to improve your Linkedin profile.



Provides an aggregated view of the main metrics mentioned above. “Content overview” table is the most relevant, as it allows you to see the results of each of your posts or articles.

content overview

It also allows you to segment your audience based on who is viewing your content. The segmentation could be done by:

  • Company
  • Position
  • Region

people viewing

Enhanced Profile Stats

The most interesting thing about this option (beyond the views your profile has over time),


are what they call “Profile scoring”. Here, you can manually check and click on the different recommendations that the tool offers in order to optimize your profile.


It also offers more performance-related information, such as:

  • Profile views
  • Search appearances
  • Connections
  • New connections
  • Followers
  • Following

stadistics followers


For me this is the most interesting feature and it is also FREE. The free version of Inlytics allows us to automatically schedule up to 3 posts per month. It is very common to impulsively start generating content on Linkedin without following any line or purpose. Being able to capture your ideas in a calendar helps bring some structure and also publish these posts directly: you already have your ideal tool.

schedule post

It’s very simple: in the following view you just have to check the box or slot you want to publish and click on “new post”.

schedule post

Then copy and paste the text you want to share and don’t forget to select “show preview”. This way, you will be able to see how your content will be displayed on Linkedin. There is even a reference to where Linkedin cuts the post and introduces the “see more” button. This functionality allows us to see if our introductory text is interesting enough for our audience to hit the “see more” button.

In summary

The free version of Inlytics allows you to keep track of your main metrics of your personal profile, posts or articles. In addition, it makes it easy for you to schedule three posts per month. From my point of view, it is a very good starting point if you want to start sharing content, or you want to work on your personal brand or social selling.

On the other hand, I also attach the other service options Inlytics has in case you are interested.


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