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Since Facebook announced that its future lies in the construction of a virtual macro-environment, many people are predicting that investing in the metaverse is one of the best investment avenues born from the blockchain technology.

Like who bought Bitcoin in 2009 or who mined a Bored Ape, the new-rich generated by the crypto world continue to be joined by people who saw opportunities in projects like Decentraland. Not only to explore the beginnings of the Metaverse, but to open a way to generate profitability in what many already call Virtual Real Estate.

In this article we will explore three ways to invest in these new virtual worlds and metaverses.

Ways to invest in the metaverse.

When we talk about investing in the metaverse, the first idea that is always mentioned is acquiring a virtual plot of land with to obtain a return in the form of rent or subsequent sale. Thus, we have seen sales of plots of land at incredible prices, such as the one recorded in Decentraland for 2.4 million dollars.

However, this is not the only way to economically bet in this field, as many of the projects behind metaverses are financed through their own cryptocurrency, i.e. tokens. These tokens, once acquired, provide their holders with different benefits with respect to the project (participation in decision-making, for example). These tokens coexist with the rest of the cryptocurrencies on exchange platforms such as Binance or Coinbase, so they have also become a vehicle for betting on the growth of the metaverse.

Finally, there is a third way of investing in the metaverse, which despite not involving a capital investment (buying land or tokens), is an alternative that can provide us future income opportunities: learning to build spaces and experiences in the metaverse, which promises to bring together millions of people and which, at the rate at which the space is developing, will not take long to do so.

Now that we have seen the ways to invest in the metaverse, let’s see which ones we can invest in.

Metaverses to invest in.


Decentraland is, without a doubt, the metaverse that took the most media prominence before the entry of Meta. Part of this is due to the fact that its growth has gone hand in hand with crypto-art. Decentraland is a metaverse with hundreds of NFT galleries.

If we seek to invest in Decentraland by buying one of its 90,601 plots, called LANDS, the minimum price we will have to pay for it in a marketplace like OpenSea is 4.47 ethers, or €9,605, according to the exchange rate as of today. This may seem a high price, however, seeing the interest of big brands in spaces in this metaverse (without going any further, last January 7 Samsung premiered its experience in Decentraland), this virtual world can be a showcase for companies from all sectors to fight for their space.

Regarding its cryptocurrency, MANA’s (after Facebook’s announcement) value in Decentraland grew exponentially. At the moment, its price stands slightly above $2 and its capitalization is at $3,807,254,868.89.

Regarding the possibility of building in the Decentraland world, regardless of whether you have LAND or not, you will be able to build spaces in this platform. Spaces that you can then sell to plot holders or include it in your LAND in case you have one.

Construir Decentraland

The Sandbox.

Like art, another of the verticals that has channeled the popularity of blockchain technology is its application to games. Closely linked to this area, The Sandbox is presented as the metaverse of gaming (something like the Minigames made world). In it, thousands of users will be able to enjoy games and experiences while thousands of developers (game creators) will profit from their creations. This is a model that already works in platforms such as Roblox.

This metaverse has more plots than Decentraland, a total of 166,464, which is one of the factors that makes the acquisition price of these plots somewhat lower: 3.4 ethers as of today. On the other hand, its gaming orientation does not reduce the interest of brands to be present in The Sandbox. For example,  Atari announcing in style their presence in it, and celebrities like Snoop Dogg creating experiences around their personal brands.

As for its token “SAND”, its performance has been very similar to that of MANA, now standing at $3 with a market cap of $2,770,575,699.64.

The Sandbox Precio

Finally, regarding the time investment in The Sandbox. It has a game design program, The Sandbox Game Maker, through which to design spaces in this metaverse. This is somewhat more complex than Decentraland, since you will not only build static spaces, but you can also define behaviors of different objects. The possibilities of creation are abundant.

Alternatives to invest in the metaverse.

While Decentraland and The Sandbox are those metaverses that, along with Meta, Fortnite and Roblox, have attracted more attention. There are various projects in this space that can become major players in the future of virtual reality. That’s why we invite you to explore some of them like Wilder World, Star Atlas or Bloktopia.

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