Are you thinking about improving a specific area of your digital strategy?

As large enterprises digital consultant we do a deep dive to know your business that’s why we go further. We do not only solve problems, we anticipate them and enhance the reach of your digital presence.


We are part of your team

We can collaborate with you by leading and executing certain parts of the digital marketing department. As well as conducting a strategic analysis to see which actions are the ones that can bring a greater ROI in the short, medium and long term.


We do a complete deep dive to your business

In order to obtain results, it is essential to carry out an initial audit. We share with you an initial questionnaire so that you can point us in relation to the maturity of your strategy and actions carried out so far.


We chose the channels with higher ROI

It is time to take action. Once we know at what point your business is, we carry out those actions which provide higher ROI. Either through services such as paid campaigns in Social Media, SEO, CRO, dashboards, retention plans, etc…


Conversions occur in the webpage

One of the things that differentiates us from other consultancies or agencies is that we analyze all aspects that affect your digital acquisition model. Reason why we focus on your website. There is no point on attracting traffic to a website that is not designed to convert visitors into customers. We make sure there are no holes in this essential part of your sales funnel.


Definition of custom KPIs and dashboards

Before starting to carry out specific actions, we set goals with you, which we will measure on a recurring basis through a personalized dashboard.


Collaboration strategy

Because each business has certain needs, we have different plans designed to adapt to all types of clients. Whether you need a collaborator to lead the entire marketing department or reinforce some specific areas, the team is at your disposal.

Our pricing

Modular fee

0h to 25h - €115 / h and 26h to 50h - €100 / h
More than 50h - €90 / h

and much more...



Your experiences

As a digital consultancy focused on results, at the satisfaction of our clients is the basis of our quality system. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and anticipate your needs.


Carlos Castellote


We have managed to increase sales by 90% per year thanks to the Internet. CRONUTS.DIGITAL has become a strategic ally for our company.

Nuri Rovi Packaging

Nuri Luis Roca

Sales Director
Rovi Packaging

CRONUTS.DIGITAL has led the digital transformation process of our company. Now the commercial department has stopped doing cold-door prospecting, turning to quality leads that enter through our website. The number of business opportunities has increased by 90% in one year.

Josep Luis

General Manager
Gestoria Luis

After years of stagnation, we have managed to increase our turnover by 10% thanks to our presence on digital channels and the CRONUTS team.

cristian rodicio

Cristian Rodicio

BMF Business School

We have increased sales by 120% per year, exceeding our expectations, thanks to the improvement of the acquisition in digital channels.

enrique zanón

Enrique Zanón

Managing Partner
Xaloc Oposicions

In our first year, we have exceeded the sales targets set out in our business plan by 30%. CRONUTS.DIGITAL has been a key part of this increase. They have helped us validate our business model and market our services from scratch.

dan paris

Dan París

Sales Director
Carbonell Farma

Thanks to the online positioning driven by CRONUTS.DIGITAL we have achieved an annual increase in sales of 40%.

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