Marketing and
advertising consultancy

We offer a custom-made service for each company, presenting strategies and solutions based on an initial audit. We focus our consultancy on results and conversion, through optimised actions and advertising campaigns based on conclusions drawn from the target analysis.

Our methodology

We help you to enhance
your value proposition

Phase 1

Research and analysis

In this phase we carry out extensive research and analysis of the situation to find out what is happening and detect areas of opportunity that can be enhanced. In addition, an exhaustive analysis of the target is carried out to understand what they need.


Phase 2

Goal setting

We start with the client's own goals, which they communicate to us. We then establish the KPIs that will help us measure the performance of the digital marketing campaigns.

Phase 3


We suggest the direction your company should take to obtain the ideal positioning you want to achieve, always taking advantage of the Internet’s potential. We develop strategies adapted to your company's situation.

Phase 4

Execution and measurement

We implement the omnichannel digital strategy that your business needs. We accompany you during the process of launching campaigns in multiple formats and we analyse their impact and conversion, contrasting it with tools. We propose execution improvements to increase leads. 

custom-made proposals

Conversion-focused strategies

Launching a seemingly powerful campaign is of no use if it does not produce measurable results that allow us to know if the strategy we are following is working.

Therefore, our goal is to accompany you in the activation of your campaigns and during the process in which they remain active. In this way we can make ad hoc changes that improve their effectiveness and encourage conversion.

Each strategy must be in line with the values, principles and priorities of each company, which is why we are experts in making custom-made proposals for our clients.

Brand communication

To gain credibility and loyalty, it is important that you offer your customers a brand experience while generating useful, quality and interesting content.

At CROnuts we help you analyse and get to know your target audience, so you can make sure that the content you offer is relevant to the sector you are targeting.

It is essential to bear in mind that everything your brand communicates must be coherent and aligned with the values and personality that define you.

With this objective in mind, we help you design and execute strategies that give value to your potential customers and demonstrate that they need your product and service. We also advise you on choosing the right communication channels to appeal and connect with your target audience.


What else can we do for you?

Diseño UX/UI

UX/UI Design

UX – User Experience We create minimalist usability and digital design proposals. We focus on understanding user needs and aligning them with your business objectives.

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SEM We help improve your acquisition results through the launch and optimisation of paid search campaigns (PPC). We manage your campaigns Find out how we

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Display Ads

Display Ads

Selecting the network or combination of networks on which your banner ads will appear is a crucial part of your display strategy and the key

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