The regional water from Rioja that has nothing to envy to the most recognised waters at a national level. From 180 users per month on its website to compete with the most renowned national waters in organic traffic with more than 7,300 organic users per month.
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What did we do?


Situation and challenge




Our role, what we did



1. Situation and challenge

Do we need to go digital? We need to turn it around. It’s been a tough pandemic year, we need to catch up and grow. Our water is good, and people know it. But somehow we are distancing ourselves from our consumers, we are not managing to be present in the new generations” were the words of one of the members of the Peñaclara board. Indeed, we are talking about a water with a very strong and respected identity in the La Rioja area, but with a digital presence that could have been much improved at the time.

2. Objectives

  • To grow in modern food and Horeca in sales. 
  • To achieve relevance in the digital world by creating brand image.
  • Provide content in networks focused on our consumers and carry out initiatives and collaborations with companies that respect the company’s values.

3. Our role, what we did

We studied the competition, both local and national waters. Nos dimos cuenta, que al margen del producto pocas aportaban contenido de valor. We landed a strategy focused on two target audiences: the end consumer and the Horeca distributor. Keyword research was carried out in order to see: what related words could we rank for, and if they provided value to the user? We then developed a new website in WordPress with a Woocommerce product catalogue with product descriptions of more than 300 words. Tratamos de crear una web centrada en los valores de la marca, sostenibilidad y carácter local. Se crearon páginas para las diferentes iniciativas solidarias que se han ido realizando. In terms of content, a blog post was written every week, according to the content opportunities offered by Google searching for long tail words. With regard to social networks, we pursued a final objective: to create a community by working on a more updated and constant brand image, and providing valuable content to users with a fundamental Riojan aspirational touch. En este espacio desarrollamos iniciativas solidarias, estableciendo simbiosis con otros comercios regionales. We also carry out influencer marketing strategies with micro-influencers from La Rioja, to reinforce the growth of the community.


peñaclara web
datos semrush peñaclara
branded vs non-branded peñaclara
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4. Results

  • 5%-8%

  • growth in sales Organic user growth by 2700% from 180 to 7300 users per month

  • x2 in instagram followers

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