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We have three ways to collaborate with our clients, find the one that best suits you!

Let's share the risk of your digital venture!


If your digital venture has high growth potential, we want to know more about it!

How does it work?

CROnuts becomes part of your corporate structure.

Ideal for…

  • Startups in the process of business model validation.
  • SMEs in search of external funding to face new business challenges.

How do we do it?

There are different formulas, however the most common is to do it through convertible notes, in which our services are booked as debt in your financial statements. Once the specific milestone is completed, the debt is converted into equity. An example of a milestone would be the validation of the business model. Its main advantage is that you do not require cash to benefit from our digital marketing services.

Growing together

Fed up of agencies that do not report business results?

How does it work?

We set up the business objectives you want to achieve. The most common one is a sales quota attributable to the digital channel. You pay a variable fee if these objective is achieved.

Ideal for…

  • Startups which have validated their business model.
  • SMEs that want to share the digital venture with us.
  • Large companies which want to see how their actions in the digital channel translate into sales and want to share the risk of such venture with us.

How do we do it?

We negotiate a variable for sale or a bonus when reaching a sales quota during a minimum permanence period that is usually one year.

Pay per use

Do you want something very specific within your digital marketing strategy? A website, management of adquisition channels… We are your agency!

How does it work?

You pay for an specific service, depending on the hours we have to allocate to it.

Ideal for…

  • All kinds of companies that are clear about the services they are looking for.
  • Agencies. Are you an agency with a project that requires a lot of experience within the digital ecosystem? If so, we can give you the support you are looking for, we touch all funnel stages with different tools.

How do we do it?

We estimate the number of hours it will take us to execute the project. We apply the corresponding ratio / hour and we send you the quote. As simple as that.

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It is normal, there are no agencies that share business risks with their clients. But we go further. We know that if your actions on the digital channel are profitable, we will be business partners for many years. This is our ultimate goal.

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