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Rebranding Cronuts.digital
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Do you want to find out what is behind the rebranding of cronuts.digital? Why have we decided to change our image and approach to customers? What are the steps and strategy we have followed to carry out the whole process? Read on and we will tell you in detail all about our rebranding and how you could apply it to your own company.

Positioning: from “Company-Centric” to “Customer-Centric”.

We were born in 2018 as a digital agency. We were convinced of our capabilities and strengths, so we focused on offering our clients all the services we were experts in. Along the way, we realised that our main reason for being and where we bring that differential value that every company seeks, to anticipate the needs of our customers. That is to say, to activate the digital levers that our clients need at all times.

We are not only solving their problems, but we anticipate them to enhance the scope of their business with an end-to-end digital vision. It was on this path that we realised we had to change our approach and move from being a “company-centric” to a “customer-centric” company. And offer what the customer is really looking for, focusing on their needs. To do this, we had to make a 180º turn in our image and in our discourse, to transmit what we are today: a digital transformation consultancy.

Rebranding strategy

Once we had detected the reasons for this new positioning, the first thing we did to tackle the process of rebranding cronuts.digital was to ask (listen) to our current clients and test our potential target. What does the client want? What do they really need? How can we help them and how can we go one step further?

To do this, we carried out a study in which we conducted two different user researches aimed at two specific customer profiles: SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and large companies. Why this differentiation? In this change from company-centric to customer-centric, we realised that the needs of each of our customers were different. Therefore, we had to offer them a differentiated product adapted to their needs. Therefore, it was necessary to adapt our image to our new positioning.

Results of the user research for SMEs-Big companies

The main objective of this study was to find out in which areas SMEs and large companies are currently allocating resources, what challenges they are facing in their business, as well as to find out how they are managing their digital strategy (either internally, with external collaborators or with their own internal department but with the help of external collaborators). A key study for the rebranding of cronuts.digital. 

  1. How do they manage their digital strategy? 50% of SMEs say they manage their entire digital strategy internally, while 60% of large companies prefer to have an internal department and rely on external partners to complement their digital strategy. Gestión de la estrategia digital
  2. To which areas are they allocating more resources? We found that SMEs spend most of their internal resources on Social Media management and content generation (Content Marketing), in contrast to large companies that spend a significant part of their resources on paid campaigns, improving operations (ERP & CRM) as well as on dashboards and data visualisation.
    Recursos estrategia digital
  3. What is the biggest digital challenge you face? The main challenge facing SMEs is the digital transformation of their businesses. But also attracting new customers through the digital channel and understanding omnichannel to offer a better user experience. Large enterprises, on the other hand, face more divided challenges depending on the digital maturity of the company. From cultural transformation, to how to maintain leadership in the digital context or even how to improve digital marketing at an international level.
  4. What is the position of the respondents within the company? The main profile of people who responded to our survey was senior positions in both SMEs and large companies (51.3% and 70% respectively), followed by management positions (41% in SMEs and 20% in large companies). Posición equipo estrategia digital


If you want to know more details about the study we have carried out on SMEs and large companies, leave us your contact details and we will share with you all the insights you need.

New branding: sleek but modern

The challenge of rebranding cronuts.digital was to go from being perceived as an agency to conveying our full value as a digital consultancy. And this meant not only a change of style but also of communicative tone. We were looking for a more minimalist, sober and direct branding that would respond directly to the needs of our target and our own growth.

Therefore, in this change of image, we opted for two of the most sober colours that exist: black and white. Basic colours that allowed us to transmit this evolution. Likewise, we were looking for a typographic rather than iconographic branding, precisely to transmit this same idea of progress, of modernity that would allow us to show our differential values: transparent, direct and open-minded.

What should I do now?

If you have more questions and want to know how we work, contact us and one of our consultants will contact you for advice.

For further information on this and many other topics you can check out other articles in our blog where you will find references on this, and many more topics.

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