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Albert Puig


As a product designer I have always been fascinated by the interactions between people and the world around us.

I started my professional career as a UX/UI designer in a startup that like most failed, but I learned the importance of designing digital products focused on the user and not the company.

I then decided to change my role to a more strategic position and worked as a Digital Manager in an industrial B2B company.

For 5 years I led the digital transformation of the company, managing to move from a traditional customer acquisition model to a new model where 90% of new customers enter through the digital channel.

I now spend most of my time growing businesses through improving the usability and conversion of their digital assets.

“A digital product with a wonderful interface and the wrong functions only generates frustration. The best design is one from which we can’t remove any elements.”

Eduard Vivar Mompel co fundador CRONUTS DIGITAL

Eduard Vivar


Entrepreneur specialized in growing digital businesses. My greatest achievement is having tried dozens of times to start a business in Spain and the UK.

Through testing different business models in the digital channel I have learned to detect those initiatives that bring tangible results.

Listening to market demand through data analysis is critical, as we are often biased by the proximity of the product or service we offer.

My specialty is knowing how to interpret this data and translate it into concrete actions to grow in the digital ecosystem.

“Businesses are credentials, which come from human relationships, which is why it is important to be present.”


Borja Planells


After more than 6 years at Accenture in Strategic Consulting, living in 6 different cities, I decided to change and go to Cabify, a company with a more dynamic environment.

At Cabify, I spent 2 years in the Growth – Global department where I had the pleasure of participating in the integration of companies such as Easy cab.

We also focused on improving internal processes such as user acquisition or retention and even customer service process improvement, reporting directly to VPs and C-Level.

In parallel to Cabify and together with Edu and Albert, we decided to set up CRONUTS.DIGITAL. With a clear objective to help digitize SMEs. What started as a side project has become my profession.

“Test, analyze, improve and replicate… in short, less slides and a lot of mud. From mud to top is where I really see how I can add value.”



Studying between Barcelona, the UK and the US has given me a global and international vision of business. At the end of my degree in Business Administration and Management, I completed a Master’s Degree in Finance where I learned to analyze the solvency and potential of companies.
Later, after working at EY Assurance where I was able to learn firsthand the inner workings of large corporations. I took a Master’s degree in Digital Traffic Management to increase my knowledge. Currently, I have been working at CRONUTS.DIGITAL for 2 years, leading projects and managing the Paid Media department.

Rebeca Martín

Rebeca Martín


I studied Journalism because I wanted to be the loudspeaker to change the world, with the immersion in the business world and my specialization in Digital Marketing I discovered that all brands, even the smallest, can be part of the economic, social and cultural transformation.

My mission at CRONUTS.DIGITAL is to help companies to become their best version, both for themselves and for their environment, being communication the indispensable vehicle to transform any idea into a reality.


Alba Barros


Creative specialized in social media managing, art direction and copywriting. As a member of the CRONUTS.DIGITAL team, I help clients create and communicate relevant messages in a digitally optimized way.


Júlia García


Responsible for the agency’s Paid Media department as a specialist in campaigns in all types of media and channels. After completing a master’s degree in Digital Marketing and e-Commerce and studying between Barcelona and Australia, I have been able to consolidate my professional training.

My mission in CRONUTS.DIGITAL is to lead paid campaigns in different media to be the key piece of the digital transformation and growth in which the client and his company find themselves.


June Echebarria


I am a specialist in digital marketing and advertising, currently I am the Junior Account Manager. I have knowledge of WordPress, web design, SEO and social media.

I believe that nowadays a good digital marketing strategy will help you to climb positions and give you more visibility within the sector.


Laia Vila


As a member of CRONUTS.DIGITAL I specialize in content creation in digital and social media. My goal is to create digital strategies optimized for each client’s needs.



As a web designer, my main focus is visual design and usability. I make sure that every website I build is easy to navigate and visually appealing to visitors. I also ensure that the design of each site is consistent with the company’s brand, which helps improve brand recognition and user confidence.

As a WordPress developer, I make sure that every website is fast, secure and easy to update. I use the WordPress content management system to create scalable websites that are easy to manage and maintain. In addition, I have experience in customizing WordPress themes and developing custom plugins to meet the specific needs of each website.

Xavier Bou fotografia

Xavier Bou


More than 25 years of experience in the Economic-Financial Management of the subsidiary in Spain and South America of a large multinational company headquartered in Switzerland.

Specialist in Financial Consulting, Business Plans, Management Control and back-office restructuring.
Involvement, proactivity and honesty are fundamental values in their daily work.


Laura Bermejo


Currently, I am training in Fashion Design and Marketing. My studies allow me to have a global and professional image of the key concepts for the correct development of a business.

My goal at CRONUTS.DIGITAL is to help companies get the most out of their business through good communication in the digital sphere.


Oriol Segura


Trained in Advertising and PR (UPF) and Marketing and Market Research (UOC), I love the digital world. I am passionate about digital marketing and web environments.

My goal as a member of CRONUTS.DIGITAL is to help SMEs to go digital, with the intention that they can develop their full potential online. I specialize in creating interesting and quality content for social networks.

DSC04657 2

Andrea Basseda


I am studying Audiovisual Communication at UPF. I am fascinated by all digital media where I can express my creativity and passion for photography, videography and the production of content for social networks.

Pol Álvarez


Student of Advertising and Public Relations at UPF.

I consider myself to be creative and organized, which is why the world of communication and marketing attracts my attention. Enthusiastic to learn from all sectors and from all over the world.

Clara Laviós


Marketing and Advertising student at ESERP business school. Enthusiastic about the strategic part of marketing and how to carry it out in real projects.

At CRONUTS.DIGITAL, my goal is to be a reinforcement to be able to leverage the client’s full potential in the digital world of advertising.


Carmen Lucio


Student of Business Administration and Management at UPF.

Enthusiastic to be part of the digital marketing world and to learn day by day the new technologies that appear in our society and that companies need to incorporate.

My goal at CRONUTS.DIGITAL is to give my best so that our clients get the best results.

Esteban Adamuz


Graduated in Business Sciences – Management at UPF and in the Master’s Degree in Communication at IED.

There are two things I am passionate about, strategy and communication, that’s why I have joined both to dedicate myself completely to do what I love, helping companies to define communication strategies that connect with users while transmitting all the values of the brand.

Andrea Duarte


Student of Advertising and Public Relations at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Lover of the digital world and with a great interest in communication, digital marketing and strategy creation. As a member of CRONUTS.DIGITAL, my goal is to support and reinforce to help SMEs to go digital, as well as to create content of interest and quality to get the best results.

Biel Herráez


Student of Audiovisual Communication at Pompeu Fabra University. The audiovisual world is my passion, where photography, video making, cinema and social networks come into play. I consider myself an energetic person, always ready to overcome new challenges and set new goals.

Walter White

Welcoming director

Specialist in dealing with high performance teams to bring out the best in them and give the warmest welcome.

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clement imbert
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Luis Yanguas
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