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Our mission is to make our clients' digital businesses profitable by obtaining the maximum performance from each of their online visitors.

We Go far Beyond

We pursue results embodied in measurable data that make our clients’ business grow. We demonstrate that our services are directly impacting the profitability of your business. We do not understand online marketing without conversion.

​We are obsessed with the growth of our customers. We don’t have a magic ball to predict what will grow your business. However, we are experts in hypothesizing, testing, and finding an improved alternative that does.

This means that we understand the practical problems of developing a 360º digital strategy.

Digital Lovers

Unlike other traditional agencies that are adapting to the digital transformation of their clients we are a 100% digital native team.
Our work methodology is inspired by start-up growth models that we transfer to our clients to grow their businesses.

We have the professional background and training to deal with all types of digital caliber projects. Most of us have managed internal digital marketing teams.

Focused on results

We are prepared to optimize any business through the digital channel, knowing how to do things well and with an open and innovative mind.

Continuous improvement

We are nonconformists, although it seems to be fine, we are still looking for ways to optimize it.

Perfection is a myth.

If it were not for mistakes, we would not be able to learn from them in order to continuously improve.

Data based decisions

We analyze each business, based on its KPIs to make decisions based on data and user behavior.

Your Goal. Our Mission.

We believe in hard work and dedication.

We create incredibly effective web pages, and then keep our focus on conducting A / B tests to verify that we have significantly grown our clients’ businesses.

We are glad to introduce you

CROnuts.digital Team

We are like a family and we enjoy our work


Albert Puig

CRO Specialist & UX/UI Designer

CRO enthusiast, digital marketing specialist and UX / UI product designer with more than 10 years of experience in digital business.

Eduard Vivar Mompel

Eduard Vivar

Digital Growth Manager

Specialist in growing digital channels through the formulation of hypotheses, testing, implementation of improvements and iteration.


Borja Planells

Digital Consultant & Analyst

Specialist in the identification of digital business opportunities. Experienced in strategic consulting.


Cristina Perotti

Project Manager

Specialist in project management and customer relations. Responsible for the coordination and monitoring of strategic projects.

Bogdan Dzyurak

Bogdan Dzyurak


Specialist in maximizing brand awareness in social media through organic growth and PPC.

Miriam Burgos

Content & Social Media

Specialist in content creation and writing for the implementation of digital strategies.  

Marc Renieblas


Specialist in optimizing and managing payment campaigns in the different digital capture channels.

Aida Antolin

Social media manager

Specialist in dynamizing social networks and creating content strategies on different digital platforms.

Albert Centell


Specialist in the creation of audiovisual content and expert in Youtube SEO, with more than nine years of experience in editing, production and direction. 

Walter White

Chief welcome officer

Specialist in making new friends and giving warm welcomes. Our faithful coach with experience in high performance teams.

¿Why work with CROnuts.digital?

We are a 100% digital native team unlike other traditional agencies just adapting to digital transformation of their clients.

Many traditional agencies with great reputation claim to have a digital marketing department. In fact, the just entered intern is the person leading the whole search strategy of the clients to those agencies.


This was and still is wrong, so we decided to do something about it. We knew what our customers’ needs were and also, we had knowledge to meet those needs. Also, some of us already had our own clients. So, we decided to join forces and launch CROnuts, just that simple.

Meet some of our clients

They already trust us

As a digital agency focused on results, the satisfaction of our clients is the basis of our quality system, being our objective to exceed their expectations and anticipate their needs.

Our values

The start ups growing involves testing their hypotheses and then building a sustainable business model on validated hypotheses. They must develop products prototypes quickly and refine them continuously by collecting customer opinions and going through compilation cycles , measurement and learning.

Eric Ries (The Lean Start Up)

Tools and certifications

CROnuts herramientas
CROnuts herramientas
CROnuts herramientas
CROnuts herramientas
CROnuts herramientas

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