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Advertising on TikTok

In this article, you’ll learn how to create TikTok ads to promote your products or services. But before we start showing you how to run ads, you need to ask yourself a few more questions to find out if advertising on TikTok is right for your business:

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We are part of your team

We are a TikTok’s media consultant, assisting in the process of content generation and distribution within the platform.

We put special focus on the creative teams to understand the most successful strategies within the platform, focusing on contextualization.

In addition, before we start, we set brand objectives that we monitor through monthly reporting. This integrates different data sources such as Facebook, Google, Linkedin and others.

1. Definition of content strategy and schedule

We make a study of your Buyer Persona to decide whether we will find it within the platform.

We are a TikTok agency but we don’t rush to act at the beginning. First comes the analysis phase. That’s why we set measurable goals with you, which we evaluate recurrently through a customized dashboard. This allows us to have clear objectives and identify whether TikTok is the best platform to advertise in. The first steps we follow are:

  • Identify objectives and KPIs for each campaign, awareness, traffic and conversions.
  • Consensus and guide the content team in selecting and creating advertising formats through several Design Thinking sessions.
  • Establish the advertising formats for each of the campaigns based on the identified Buyer Persona.

2. Distribution

We activate the channels with the best ROI

Once define the content strategy and timing, we start the next phase. Now is the time to think, prepare and launch all the campaigns. To do so, we follow the next steps:

  • Setup of the advertising account oh behalf of the client: payment method, fiscal information, etc…
  • Preparation and launch of the different campaigns.
  • Prepare the ads, tagged URLs and corresponding copies.

3. Reporting

Definition of custom KPIs and dashboards

Measuring the impact of our actions is essential for us, as digital partners and a TikTok agency. That’s why we report monthly results based on the objectives and KPI’s defined in the first phase. Our objectives in the reporting phase are:

  • Establish a scorecard that shows the defined KPIs and the set objective.
  • Integrate the monthly results together with the insights and learnings of the month to improve the performance of the account.
  • Establish ranking of the ads with the best performance. Suggest improvements and distribute again to improve results.


We grow with you

Our intention is that you trust more and more the platforms we manage. This is why we share the risk with you by charging a percentage of the advertising investment.

Our prices

Percentage of gross investment allocated to the platform

10% of advertising investment

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Your experiences

We are a digital consultancy focused on results. Therefore, in cronuts.digital the satisfaction of our customers is the core of our quality system. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and anticipate your needs.


Carlos Castellote


We managed to increase sales by 90% annually thanks to the Internet. CRONUTS.DIGITAL has become a strategic ally for our company.

Nuri Rovi Packaging

Nuri Luis Roca

Sales Director
Rovi Packaging

CRONUTS.DIGITAL has led the digital transformation process of our company. Now the sales department has stopped cold door prospecting, moving on to working quality leads that enter through our website. The number of business opportunities has increased by 90% in one year.

Pep Luis

Josep Luis

Managing Director
Gestoria Luis

After years of stagnation, we managed to increase our turnover by 10% thanks to our presence in digital channels and the CRONUTS.DIGITAL team.

cristian rodicio

Cristian Rodicio

BMF Business School

We increased sales by 120% year-on-year, exceeding our expectations, thanks to improved acquisition in digital channels.

enrique zanón

Enrique Zanón

Managing Partner
Xaloc Oposicions

In our first year, we exceeded the sales objectives set out in our business plan by 30%. CRONUTS.DIGITAL has been a key part of this increase. They have helped us validate our business model and market our services from scratch.

dan paris

Dan París

Sales Director
Carbonell Farma

Thanks to CRONUTS.DIGITAL‘s online positioning, we have achieved a 40% annual increase in sales.


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