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What is tokenization?

It is about transforming and representing an object or an asset within a blockchain. For this, it is necessary to perform a transformation process that takes the properties of the object and digitizes it, taking all the information to a block within a blockchain. When this value or object is registered, it acquires the ability to be exchanged or stored. In the process, a token is assigned to the object that allows it to be manipulated as an integral part of the blockchain.

This removes confidential data, replaces it with a token that cannot be decrypted, and stores the original data in a secure data vault on the blockchain to provide security.

In addition to the variety of uses, tokens are also characterized by the variety of types they feature:

  • Utility Token
  • Security Token
  • Commodity Token
  • Asset token

If you want to know more about token typologies you can check our recent post where we explain the token typologies with examples. Remember that you can always resort to the help of a cryptocurrency and blockchain advisor

Characteristics of tokenization

Eliminate duplicates

They reduce the duplication of information, adding redundancy to the processes that handle it.

No intermediaries

It involves fewer intermediaries, which leads to lower operating costs.

More secure

By decentralizing processes, it ends up offering much greater control, privacy and security.


Generates auditable systems. Traceability is absolute for all tokenized objects.


Tokenized assets become digitally represented.


As they are connected to liquidity pools, they can be exchanged at any time.

We help you to conduct the tokenization process of any asset by issuing your own tokens.

Start benefiting from tokenization advantages


Companies already accept cryptocurrency payments. If you have doubts about how to start the tokenization process, get in touch and find out what we can do for you.


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