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Descubre los ejemplos de anuncios en TikTok de tus competidores
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In the following post we are going to show you different examples of TikTok ads as well as show you how you can find the ads that your competitors are launching on this social network. If you need more information about how to advertise on TikTok and the different advertising formats, you can check out our post on how to advertise on TikTok, where we explain everything you need to consider when launching ads on this platform.

How to find sample ads on TikTok

TikTok has just added a tool called ads library that allows marketing specialists to see the best performing ad campaigns across the application.

The top ads tab aims to provide better insight into which ad campaigns are reaching the most users. Ads can be filtered by vertical and region to make search easier to identify for brands and online advertising specialists.

In addition, results can be filtered by country or region, but also by industry. So, for example, if we want to know which advertising campaigns are working best in Spain within the automotive industry, all we have to do is apply the corresponding filters and we will be able to see which brands are opting for this channel and the most successful advertising campaigns of our competitors.

The other filters allow you to see two date ranges, between 7 days and 30 days, as well as to sort the results by the ads that have had a higher number of impressions, a higher CTR or a higher percentage of 6-second views. See attached image.

The importance of ads on TikTok

At CRONUTS DIGITAL we love this functionality because it allows creatives and content creators to know what the consumer is rewarding, so they can launch increasingly successful campaigns.

The library tool is still in the early stages of development and some categories do not yet have examples. Therefore, we expect TikTok to add new features and examples from advertisers in the near future.

In addition, TikTok cautions that the ads presented are advertiser-sanctioned, which means that some high-performing ads may not be included here. However, it does offer good insights into which ads are performing well and could provide inspiration for marketers to fine-tune their campaigns.

In light of the ad library, here are the 20 ads that have caught our attention the most from TikTok and have the highest CTRs.

Top 20 examples of TikTok ads

We have been surprised by the fact that in very few cases the ads with the highest CTR and, therefore, the highest effectiveness, have been ads with low production budgets, and which in the eyes of large advertisers may seem unsophisticated. However, they are ads that stand out for their originality and ability to contextualise the product or service within the platform. Making noise with millionaire budgets is easy, what is difficult is to have a great reach with the reduced budgets that we are going to analyse below. Without further ado, here we leave you with our compilation so that they can serve as inspiration for creative teams when searching for and interacting with our target audience.

1. Garnier – UAE, influencer marketing plus filter gamification

In this ad we see two very important factors that make it stand out from the rest: the importance of using an influencer in the recording of the ad and the fact of using filters that, although they do not exist in TikTok, give it the necessary context to give the sensation of continuing to navigate within the platform without having received an advertising impact.


2. TikTok Eurocup – Europe – Gifs with humour


In this ad what we can see is a mix of gifs, humour, influencers and dynamism. In fact, it is an ad that TikTok has made to advertise in Europe during the Euro 2021 football championship. It is undoubtedly a benchmark to follow.

3. NuTheorie – Netherlands – Advertisement NO Humorous advertisement

In this case, what stands out and a pattern that will be repeated in the 20 featured ads is that it is a NON-ADVERTISING ad. In other words, in this case, it doesn’t look like an advertising brand is impacting us, it looks like just another video of any user of the platform. In addition, it combines humour with entertainment, which is the perfect combination for us to click on the call to action. This makes the CTR of this advert much higher than any other advert on this platform.

4. Sftystarry – UK – Product application

In this case, we would like to highlight this ad (which at first glance does not seem like a big deal) for two reasons. The first is that it doesn’t look like an advert and the second is that it is a product application that provides value to potential users who may be interested in manicure products. And all this despite the fact that the recording of the piece did not require a production team at all. The important thing is to communicate and contextualise, and this ad does that perfectly, however simple it may seem.


5. Maybelline – Israel – Music and influencer marketing

In this case, what we can see is that Maybelline has combined music with influencer marketing for the launch of a new range of products in Israel. To increase brand awareness and engagement, Maybelline chose a media strategy focused on TikTok for three weeks, combining different advertising solutions, each week dedicated to promoting a different product.

To make the campaign even more holistic and fit even more with TikTok, Maybelline collaborated with other beauty media outlets to boost organic reach in addition to the promoted ads.

6.Tobot – Indonesia – Branded effect with gamification Tobot

The central element of the campaign was a Branded Effect that allowed users to virtually dress up as one of the three iconic Tobot characters.


By making a hand gesture, participants were instantly dressed in the armour of a Tobot character. The videos were paired with Tobot’s theme song, a fast-paced and energetic song to help add to the excitement of the moment.

This example has been included because it went viral in Indonesia thanks to the gamification it provided to users. It should be noted that Branded Effects are not accessible through the normal bidding strategy, but are contracted separately and are much more expensive. Prices of course vary depending on the geographical area in which we are located.

7. Nasi Ayam Ambyar – Indonesia – Brand Humanisation

In this case, Nasi Ayam in Indonesia delights us with its ability to contextualise the ad with touches of humour, proximity and humanisation of the brand through the participation in the short film of the driver in charge of the home delivery of the food.


8. Peeling – Indonesia – Humour and contextualisation

Peeling in Indonesia uses clichés. A funny face, action and inserts written with emoticons to convey closeness to the potential buyer persona.


9. Uniflex – UK – Product application

In this case Uniflex limits itself to show the functionality of its product and to solve the pain that many smartphone owners suffer. A simple, straightforward short film that has a CTR that many big brands would like to have despite their huge advertising efforts.


10. Sunlit – France – Attractive product and application

In this case, the startup Sunlit shows the application of its innovative product in the middle of summer. Formats are important, but the product and the timing of the campaign is just as important to ensure good CTRs.


11. Blob Runner – US – Example of usability and gamification

In this case, the creators of the game Blob Runner have used a resource that they already knew worked. Combining the typical video of the shredder shredding objects of different materials, together with the view of the game application. This hook makes the user stop to watch the ad and then watch the more entertaining parts of the game. Low budget, creativity and context.


12. Dr. ZO – Indonesia – Influencer marketing and product application

In this case Dr. Zo in Indonesia uses influencer marketing together with product application. A combo that never fails.


13. Petpaw – Thailand – animal videos

Although this ad does not stand out for its originality, we have included it because it uses a resource that has high levels of seconds viewed: videos of animals doing funny things. This resource is exploited in this advert to showcase the brand, product or service.


14. Pop it Puzzle – US – Ad NO AD with gamification

Although at the beginning it seems that the video was made by a TikTok user explaining his experience, after 10 seconds we can see that it is an advertisement for the game itself. Knowing how to capture the user’s attention in the first 6 seconds is key, and this ad does it perfectly.


15. Infoproduct – Australia – Influencer marketing, context and advertisement NOT ADVERTISING

This is the clearest example of a NON-ADVERTISING ad that motivates users to click on the ad itself. Congratulations to this micro influencer who intends to sell his infoproducts.

16. Just Drop – Sweden – Contextualised product application

Application, models and music. A combination that never fails.


17 Moon Jewelry – US – Influencer marketing with a good copy

Influencer marketing, contextualisation and NON-ADVERTISING ad with ad copy that includes the surprise effect of revealing the secret.


18. Sponge – US – Successful implementation

Tasteful application of the product, no more.


19. Fast Moving – Indonesia – Influencer marketing, advertisement NOT ADVERTISEMENT, product application

Influencer marketing, product application, low budget and context. Nothing else is needed.


20. Partner – Israel – Dances on top view

One aspect that we have not covered and that we wanted to include before ending the blog post, is to provide an example of dancing, which is one of the most popular actions within this platform. In this case, Partner in Israel exploits it in this Top View insertion.


What should I do now?

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