Information Architecture

To refresh your memory - or introduce the concept - I will explain what Information Architecture consists of. Then, we will look at an example so that you can better understand how you could apply it in your company.
arquitectura información


Information Architecture is the discipline of studying, analyzing, organizing, arranging and structuring the elements that make up a website or app. The main objective of Information Architecture is to create a good user experience as well as organize all content in a way that also makes it more visible to search engines.


A company started a website with a lot of content and has received complaints from its customers that it was difficult for them to find specific content based on the information provided.  We carried out an analysis of the business model and the needs of its customers and saw that there was a lot of content that was not relevant to the user but was relevant to Google. Through the free tool we proposed a web Information Architecture as a “Flowchart” where the content was organized as follows: Products, Conversion Pages and Blog.     By doing this, we managed to transfer all the content focused on positioning and discovery within the Blog if the user experience was affected. This generated a 30% increase in conversions as well as an improvement in positioning within the SERP.  

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