Business plan

To refresh your memory - or introduce the concept - I am going to explain what a Business Plan or negotiation plan is and its importance. Then we will take a look at a simple example that will help you better understand the concept
business plan


A business plan is a concrete roadmap that the entrepreneur will follow to develop his or her company. It will include projections and quantifiable objectives and will serve for the administration and planning of tasks. It is usually reflected in Excel.


A business plan is made up of:  
  • First, a description of the project and objectives
      • The idea
      • How did the idea come about?
      • The team
      • The mission (what do you want your company to be? Your achievable challenges)
      • Goals
  • Product and market
      • Product: Overview (clear description of the products and services on which the business is based)
      • the client
      • potential market
  • Business plan
      • Competition
      • Main competitors
  • Marketing plan
      • SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)
      • The 4 Ps
        • Product
        • Price
        • Promotion
        • Publication (advertising) 
      • Marketing action plan
  • Sales plan
      • Sales strategy
      • Sales team
      • Annual sales plan
  • Human Resources
      • Organization chart
      • Wages
  • Legal and corporate aspects
      • The company
      • Licenses and rights
      • Legal obligations
      • Permissions and limitations (OPTIONAL)
  • Investment and financing plan

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