Content Curation

Content curation is a marketing technique used to identify content from various sources, filter it, and adapt it for distribution.
curaión de contenido
Content Curation is a new methodology that has emerged in the content marketing strategies that companies have incorporated, which consists of locating, filtering, modifying, and distributing, in a segmented way, part of the large amount of content generated on the Internet.


Let’s say there is an article that we found very interesting. This article explains very well the sector we are dedicated to. In this case, the curator tries to obtain (locate) relevant content, in our case, the article we have mentioned. They then try to find what is most relevant to this content (filter). They then adapt it, with their own words and advice (modify and add more value). Finally, they distribute the content in such a way as to maximize the opening or reach results (distribution in a segmented way). As you already know with the internet, the large amount of content that exists is immense, and therefore the ability to curate content is important.

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