In the digital environment the concept of switchover is very often used and sometimes there can be confusion. Today I am going to explain to you what conversion consists of and we are also going to look at some examples so that you can understand it better.


A conversion is an action carried out by a user on a website that generates benefits and value for our business. Generally, it represents some action within the sales funnel, such as an installation, a purchase, a registration or adding a product to the shopping cart. Conversions can be defined using conversion pixels, in the case of the web, or install trackers, in the case of apps.


In order for our conversion to be successfully executed, the user must carry out a certain action within our ecommerce platform or business. For example, on a corporate website, the main objective of a conversion is to fill out a contact form or to subscribe to a newsletter for as many people as possible. While in e-commerce, the main objective is to increase sales or reach to meet the minimum number of daily or monthly purchases.

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