Customer centric

The main objective of the Customer-Centric strategy is to put the customer at the center. Far removed from practices where the client was thought to adapt to the product.
customer centric
It is a strategy whose primary objective is to align the conceptualization, development, and marketing of a brand’s products and services with the needs and wishes of its most valuable customers. This strategy urges us to leave behind the old practices where we create a product and make the user adapt to it. In fact, it is quite the opposite, it is about trying to put the customer at the center and understand their needs in order to offer the most complete service possible.


Let’s imagine that we are a mobility application such as Uber or Cabify. We are dedicated to the transport of individuals through a car with a driver. What do these companies do? They continually launch surveys to both users and drivers to find out in what areas can they improve. This allows the company to evolve and develop actions and functionalities in the application in such a way that the user receives the best possible experience. This is what a customer-centric strategy is all about.

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