Data Base

To refresh your memory - or introduce the concept - I am going to explain Databases and their importance. Then we will take a look at a simple example that will help you better understand the concept


A Database is a set of data points that belong to the same context and are normally stored in a structured way, using different attributes for later use. Ideally, these data sets are continually updated in order to enrich their content.


A clear marketing example of a database is the way we store and organize our leads. The leads themselves are nothing more than structured information about our potential clients. Some of the most important pieces of data we store include:
  • e-mail
  • Name
  • Date of when you gave us contact information
  • company
  • number of company workers
  • etc
The more enriched your database is, the more value it will have since you will be able to carry out specific actions in order to achieve your stated purchase or loyalty objectives. Also, it is important to remember that you must maintain/update these bases and a regular schedule. For example, a lead may be contactable when they first provide their contact information for only a specific period of time, but not longer.   

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