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To refresh your memory - or introduce the concept - I am going to explain what a Digital Strategy is and importance. Then we will take a look at a simple example that will help you understand the concept better
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Digital Strategy is based on how to direct organizations in the digital environment to optimally adapt the organization’s resources and skills to the changing environment (in a radical way that is constantly changing across all industries) And how do we do it? Well, by trying to take better advantage of the opportunities that appear within the digital transformation and properly evaluating the risks in order to achieve the objectives and goals.


Amazon at the beginning was known only for being an e-commerce platform. Today, the vast majority of its profits, around 70%, come from Amazon Web Services, “cloud services”, that it gives to companies. How did they come up with this idea? First, they saw that in order to sustain e-commerce, they needed a lot of cloud storage. They needed to store information and launch complex calculations, so they bought several servers. Realizing this need, they saw an opportunity to provide these services to other companies. If they are able to do it for themselves, surely they can do it for other companies as well and since they already have it done, Amazon only has to be able to offer the services that they are using themselves. Server costs are very scalable if there is a lot of volume. Hence, Amazon Web Services was born. The result of a digital strategy, and being able to evaluate their company and see how the digital ecosystem can offer new possibilities. Below are some guides that will help you execute a great digital strategy. In order to carry out a successful digital strategy, the following steps should be taken into account:
  1. Understand what your buyer persona wants. Try not to focus only on the functional benefits of what your product brings, but also on the emotional benefits
  2. Define your goals that are SMART:
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable 
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound
      3. Evaluate your previous actions: audit or consider what worked well and what didn’t. This will guide you where             you should pay more attention      4. Think about the fundamental details
  • your budget
  • your team
  • your channels
      5. Create control points using:
  • 15-day sprints with a daily meeting with a maximum of 30 minutes
  • General dashboard to monitor each initiative at all times

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