Engagement o fidelización

To refresh your memory - or introduce the concept - I am going to explain what engagement is and it's importance. Then we will take a look at a simple example that will help you understand the concept better
engagement o fidelización


Engagement is a term widely used in online marketing to refer to the degree of connection of people have with a brand, an organization, a product, an activity, etc. It refers to the ability of a product (a brand, a blog, an application) to create strong and lasting relationships with its users, generating a commitment to its consumers. The more we know about the user, the better tactics we can implement so that this relationship is solid and lasting.

How to measure engagement?

Depending on the phase the customer is in, engagement can be measured by:
  • A survey to your clients, on whether they are satisfied or would recommend the NPS service (Net promoter Score)
  • Through interactions on social networks
    • Facebook: reactions, likes, comments, shares
    • Twitter: favorites, retweets, responses
    • Instagram: likes, comments
  • The number of interactions you have had with the digital assets:
    • Number of views on the website
    • Content has been downloaded from the website, such as an ebook
    • email opens 

Example and Applications:

Let’s imagine that we have sold a product to a new customer, and we want to maintain that relationship because we know that if we maintain it, he or she will most likely repeat a purchase, either with the repetition of the same product or with an alternative one. We can use an email marketing technique, asking how you like our product. We can also suggest activities that you can do with the product, and even show you additional activities that you could do with a complement to this product (with the aim of trying to generate cross-selling). These practices are aimed at creating relationships and interactions with the users. The higher the degree of satisfaction and the more we manage to interact with our client in a non-intrusive way, the greater the engagement.    Hopefully, with the help of this article, you have been able to understand what engagement or loyalty is and how to measure it a little better.

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