If you are a local or national business and want to reach potential customers in your area, geo-targeting allows you to communicate effectively with your potential consumers, offering them content of interest and, above all, within their reach.

What is it?

Geo-targeting is the practice of showing customized content or advertisements to consumers based on their geographic location. In SEM campaigns, Geo-targeting is often used to reach potential customers. It is strictly related to the geo-location of users. Geo-targeting can be used to impact local consumers through PPC or organic search. This system can be implemented with Google Ads, which allows the advertiser to specify specific geographic locations where they want their ads to be seen.

Why should you use geo-targeting in your online advertising?

The answer is simple: to segment your target. This practice is essential if you have a business that operates in a specific area, such as restaurants, local shops, nationwide ecommerce etc. Imagine you have a local restaurant that only operates in Barcelona. What is the point of advertising in Madrid, Seville or Valencia? Your ads should only be shown to people who live in Barcelona, otherwise you would be wasting clicks (and money) on people who are not going to convert to the funnel, as they will not be able to visit your restaurant. On the other hand, now suppose you’re the owner of a fashionable ecommerce site that, in this case, operates internationally. Once the users enter your site, the information displayed on the page will vary depending on their location: from the language, images, offers, currency etc. Therefore, the page a person in the UK sees may be very different to the one someone in Spain sees.

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